Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 4 of Easter: They're back!

Happy Easter!

Today when I got to work I realized that I had this overall feeling of not-well-being. Slightly anxious and ready to become hysterical at small provocation; swathed in sadness; wanting to do nothing but go home, crawl back under the covers, and studiously ignore the day. I love it how every time I feel this way, it is a mystery to me. What's wrong?! I was feeling so good - it's Easter! It's a beautiful day! I am wearing a skirt that makes me happy! Do I finally miss my husband too much today? Did someone say something awful to me and I forgot? Is this project that I hate just pushing me over the edge? [Almost.]

Uhhh, no. I can't sense what it is as I can with normal physical and emotional experiences - of course you're mad, that jerk just broke one of your dishes. No wonder you feel sick. How many jelly beans did you just eat? Fortunately after who knows how many dozens of stretches where I have frantically re-examined all my life decisions and priorities in hopes of identifying the source of disaster, I finally noticed a pattern. Though it absolutely never occurs to me at first blush, my right reason eventually kicks in to identify the familiar pattern. (Though I still consider it a fascinating mystery why this particular ailment should initially confuse me every time, no matter how many times it recurs.)

Welcome back, PMS. How I've not missed you. So that means...AF will be back by the weekend, at latest? If that late, it will be a 26-28 day cycle, which would be excellent.

We'll just put in on a dark shelf the madly hopeful thought I valiantly refused to entertain that maybe this cycle would be the cycle - since we "used" so many more days than usual...and I guess since my DH will miss the next "fertile" - ahem, se.xy - phase.

I stand by my more hopeful bent, BTW. Even if today I feel like a china statuette in an earthquake.


  1. You just never know when "that" cycle will happen. Keeping good thoughts for you and prayers.

  2. I love PMS. Actually, I had PMS before my BFP, so unfortunately, you can't be to sure until good ol' AF makes an appearance. I'ts nice to be prepared, though. Even if this cycle ends the way you think it will, having one that actually behaved the way it should is always a good boost.

  3. I love that phrase "I feel like a china statuette in an earthquake" and may have to borrow it. That is a perfect description of how I have been feeling all week. I am blaming it on Progesterone supplements, but who knows.

    I hope you are feeling better soon hon!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I love your that phrase too.

  5. Yeah, I hate to say it, but you never know. Having been on both sides, I promise early symptoms and pms feel very similar. I hope it isn't pms.

  6. My tongue was sore from all my jellybean eating myself! And then this week was teacher appreciation week and someone gave me another bag of jellybeans.

    And I know I'm in the minority of people who like black jellybeans.

  7. I absolutely LOVE that song, reminds me of beautiful weddings and love.....just remember you may feel like a "china statuette in an earthquake but so many are praying for your calm during the earthquake also.
    Love :) Allie