Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 2 of Easter - and prayer buddies!

Happy Easter again!

If you can say one thing about the Catholic Church, it's that she doesn't do anything by halves. From Filipinos actually crucifying themselves during Lent every year to St. Lawrence chatting up his captors as he was roasted alive to St. Teresa of Avila being levitated during mystical visions, we pretty much go big or go home. (My current conflicted practice of my faith is a pretty weak testament to that, but I know it's a matter of when, not whether, I am getting back in the saddle. Working toward that point little by little.)

So when we have our biggest feast day of the year (no, it's not Christmas), we can't necessarily pack all of the celebration into one little 24-hour day (though we do try to kick it off right. This year I got to see a friend of some friends received into the Church, and a dear friend had his tenth anniversary of coming into the Church as an adult! Praise God! We put ten candles in an Easter cupcake for him :)). Easter is equally Easter not just during Easter Sunday, but for eight straight days ("the octave of Easter"), during which penitence, fasting, and the like are forbidden. I think it might be a mortal sin to be in a bad mood any time before April 12th.

This year, of course, thanks to the gracious efforts of some of our lovely fellow bloggers, I get to celebrate Easter in part by sharing the identity of my lovely prayer buddy, Kacy! (Help me out, here - am I spelling that right? I think I've seen two versions.) I didn't want to short-change her just because she got a screwball for a prayer buddy, so I decided to say a decade of the Rosary for her intentions every day of Lent (some days I forgot but then I did them later. I got them all, I promise!), and some whole entire Rosaries, and prayers at Mass and communion. I'm going to keep praying for her (I may not remember to every day but I will keep it up!).

Head on over to her blog to check out what she's been up to - things she's been involved in during the past few weeks include finishing up her adoption profile (it was such a treat to get to look at that! The things her husband said about her, in particular, are so touching. They are going to be such wonderful parents!), taking some exams and getting ready to graduate and start her second career as a nurse, and scheduling surgery with PPVI. I pray that the Easter season will bring her and her husband toward the fulfillment of their vocation and their dreams for their family.

I also have to say a very special thank you to my prayer buddy, who beat me to the punch in revealing herself. (It was more than I could have asked that she too loves antique decor! God, you know, He has a sense of humor. And great taste in decor, obviously.) I hope I'm not too much of a downer lately to have as a prayer buddy, but I know I've received a lot of graces over the past few weeks. In particular, while I know it will probably be a long journey, my dh is showing signs of being more positive about his faith, which is so important to me. Being able to be there for his uncle's death was really huge - he was only able to visit for about 48 hours, so the fact that that visit lined up with his uncle's passing was a great grace in itself. I know our marriage has been blessed so much in the last few weeks. Of course I love my husband all the time (and we drive each other crazy all the time!), but we both noticed that we've just been able to spend such wonderful time together lately.

I also feel like my faith has been strengthened and while I think I could have done more with Lent (I'm already determined to step it up for next year!), I feel as though God is drawing me on, little by little, to greater healing and understanding of the cross of infertility. Some day, I'm going to take another tired step up this mountain and suddenly see the valley spread out before me on the other side. I also had a shocking conversation with my father about a week ago, in which he said "I'm so glad we're reconciled, and I'm sorry it was so long, and I know that it's all my fault." Well, it wasn't all his fault, but for a long time, my efforts to fix things were fruitless. (He stopped speaking to me when I got engaged to my dh, refused to come to the wedding, and didn't talk to me for three years.) I had never dreamed I would hear him say those words. I had gotten used to the idea that I might never be reconciled with him at all. I was astonished.

And finally - because it's these inane little things that really warm our cold infertile hearts - today I am on CD23! No 2ww worries for me, since I have no earthly idea when peak day is/was, but I'm beating my 16-day cycle of last month by leagues already - and may yet have a normal cycle!

God bless all of you who were praying and all those who were prayed for. And HAPPY EASTER!


  1. Yeah! Your package is coming, I promise. I had it set to go last week but wanted something extra from a certain shop over in Cincinnati so I waited. I will continue to pray :)

  2. Oh Thank You!!!!!! You are so sweet! (and yes, you got my name right!) All your prayers have meant so much to me! I think these past weeks of Lent have been so overwhelming and yet through it all, I have had such a sense of peace. Everything has come together and we got so much accomplished. And then once we were done, the wait hasn't been as excruciating as I thought it would be (I am usually so so impatient). So God Bless you for all your prayers for me! I am glad you had someone so faithful praying for you as well!

    I will definitely start including you in my prayers in the coming weeks! I am so glad your faith was also strengthened during Lent and that you are seeing such improvements with your relationship with your father! That is excellent news!

    Thanks again dear friend! It has meant so much to have so much thought and love put into praying for me!

    Many blessings to you!

  3. I forgot to mention, I really really appreciated all your comments on my blog too! You always had such encouragement for me! Thank you for not only praying but also for the kind words you were always so quick to share!


  4. CD 23? You go, lady!

    I’m so happy you are feeling spiritually lifted right now. Small steps count and every little bit helps. You had a wonderful prayer buddies helping you out, I'm sure. Happy Easter to you!

    And I want cupcake pictures! Don’t make me beg. It could get ugly.

  5. Go look at this couch on Shannon's blog:

    I'm not in the know on these things so it might be a totally diffent era, but I thought of you.

  6. That's so awesome about getting to CD23. I'm glad to hear that you felt so lifted up by your prayer buddy.

  7. Ann is too dignified to beg, but I will. Please, pretty please, PPPPLLLEEEAASSEE show us pictures of the cupcakes! We showed you ours, it is only fair that you show us yours. Oh, my I just had this flash back to grade school recess and a bunch of little kids fighting over rocks or other such nonesense. Okay, I will try to keep my future comments more on the "professional" level. God Bless!

  8. Hi, there! Good to meet you in the blogging world!! I posted this reply to your comment, but thought I'd repost here to be sure you see it :). I'm excited to add your blog to the list of blogs I read when I should be doing something productive around the house :).


    Aww, thanks misfit! I love all crazy blog stalkers, anyway, so no fear about that!!

    Making the Infertilibeads has made AF almost something to look forward to, even if I'd certainly prefer babies to beads!! And as for turning them into wine glass charms, well...I figure that I might as well imbibe if I can't get pregnant, right?? Thank goodness for silver linings!