Sunday, February 7, 2010


That's right, folks: Asian por.nspam is back. (Heaven alone knows what that message is. Though I would be interested in what the signature says.)

Asian por.nspam bot: y'all know where you'll end up, right? This may not cross cultures 100%, but I'll give you a hint: it's hot.

And now, to lift your spirits, a more edifying take on spam:


  1. Sorry about the Asian p.orn.spam bot!

  2. Why are you hit so much? Is it because of profile? Did you have problems before you changed it?

    Stupid porn spammers.

  3. I haven't been getting p.orn comments, but I've been getting these weird advertisements as comments. I hate word verification, so I don't want to turn it back on, but I may have to just to eliminate the comments.

  4. Ann - it all started after I changed my profile, you're absolutely right. I thought about changing it initially, but then I thought, seriously, the word se.x? I mean, are we in fifth grade? Apparently, the answer is yes. I've now de-search-ified the word in my profile, and we'll see if it stops. (Sissy - as long as you have comments moderated, you can catch them before they wind up on your blog. I've found that to be a good solution. Obviously, I'm calling out the por.nspambot, so people still know about the comments, but I have not provided access to the live link, which I believe is where most of the harm is.)