Friday, February 19, 2010

pretties; indecisive

So I don't have the amazing milestones that some of y'all bloggers have had recently. And you are in my prayers, BTW. I sort of hope that I'll maybe have something moderately exciting soon though - not of the same magnitude, all the same.

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to go look at my house, the tan house, with our friends the house-flippers. Then we're also going to look at a house about forty miles away from that one, that's in their neck of the woods (because they found it and they're doing us a favor). Then my husband comes home from a three-week trip tomorrow night! One of the first things we have to do is get all the paperwork signed for our pre-approval from lender #1 (lender #2 for whatever reason didn't need it and has already pre-approved us). I feel like I'm getting closer to having my house. But I'm probably delusional. Again. I can no longer really tell.

Nevertheless, I've been eagerly shopping for it. Maybe you'll indulge me for a few of my little items.

In my master bedroom post, I tried to show some version of the tall solid wood bed frame I'm looking for. I do enjoy some of the ornate carved kind, but I think this might be even more perfect (it's very tall, hard to see in that picture). Oh, and it's selling for $100. Of course it's a double (weren't they all, then?), and we want a queen. But I've just learned you can get easy-to-use full-to-queen converter rails for only a little bit too much money, although they are currently on a great sale here.

I enjoy looking at wardrobes. I don't know that I need this, but it's magnificent, isn't it? Fully six feet tall. And selling for $60. No, I'm serious.

I should probably stick with the big solid roll-top desk idea (no surprise items there - as usual, more money buys more desk), but I have to admit I have a love affair with this style. And even with a broken hinge, $125 is a fire-sale price:

This seems like the sort of desk chair that both my dh and I could get behind (I could probably be happier about darker colors, but can definitely deal with this). It's $45 on craigslist - not bad, eh?

This, at $50, might be acceptable too (I wonder what that upholstery material is?).

And then also for the living my head, given where the support posts and the front door are, this room probably needs two small love seats, two chairs for right in front of the fireplace, and maybe (need to visit with a tape measure tomorrow) two more chairs across from the fireplace. I think I want them not to match, and to be varying degrees of old-fashioned. This one strikes me as ideal, although they're asking a loony price for it (so it's been advertised for weeks!), and is that severe damage to the fabric I see at the sides? Too bad, 'cause I like the fabric. And that should probably shave the price down a few hundred...

I like this one also (it would maybe kind of work with the other, right?), and of course it has no advertised price at all.

We're not going to talk about how much this costs, but it's kind of awesome, right?

I wasn't planning on pink (or...plum?), but I don't mind this at all, and it's $125 with a matching armchair:

Of course that begs the question of chairs, for the living room and (in this case) the family room too. Maybe something like this? (It's on craigslist for $90, but it's vinyl...?)

This doesn't appear to be a great week for deals on armchairs, all told.

I've also taken sufficiently ill to contemplate putting up a tin ceiling in the kitchen. There would have to be wood up there to nail it to and I really have no idea (something else to check on while I'm there). But this company apparently makes quality ceilings (you buy them in two-by-two-foot pieces and put them up). The unfinished ones (I'd have to paint it myself) in the pattern size for smaller kitchens are not cheap, but not as pricey as I would have expected. Check it out.

The effect is pretty cool, right? (Look at the ceiling.)

I've also been thinking about some has lately occurred to me that my desire to work half-time may be short-sighted. If I no longer had a job that, at least, sounds sort of important (maybe just sounds sort of professional?), and didn't have most of my hours occupied, might I become extremely depressed? It's possible, right? I'm a bit of a nut, I'm sure I could pull that off.
Actually, I know what my next-good career move is. I'm not published yet, and to apply for the job of all young (only youngish, in my case) lawyer jobs, I probably need at least two articles published. I do have an idea for one. I need to research and write the whole thing - about two months ago - and get it accepted at a prestigious journal ASAP (since that's a piece of cake), and then apply for that amazing job for which I will still be ridiculously unqualified, and then get it (here we've departed reality entirely), and after I had that job, I would be qualified to teach law. What I could actually teach about it is another question, but I would probably be able to get someone to hire me, if I accomplished all that.

I have, however, zero motivation to do this. Perhaps because I abandoned career ambition long ago - I can already feel my supposed talent for this business stagnating. I don't feel like being ambitious, but am I being unwise?

And perhaps for the simpler reason that after I do all the work of writing the article, I'll just get rejected for the impossible job. Rejection is actually a foregone conclusion; applying is still the right thing to do, but it's a huge pain in the neck, so I've already put it off for a year. If I were able to teach, though, I'd be set for life. Teaching law is the job you want if you can get it, in case you didn't know. Good money and really good hours, and summers off. And holidays. As a result, of course, no one can get that job. Without an actually miraculous career boost, I, for one, don't have a chance. While it would give me a pretty blissful life, it's so unrealistic as to be pointless to dream about.

Or should I...? Really, what should I be doing with myself? Besides mentally decorating my house, of course.

I'll update after the house visit with our friends tomorrow!


  1. Go teach Law at a small, private less prestigious university maybe? Check out Springhill University, or Clearwater Christian College.

    As for the beautiful furniture, I am partial to the second office chair, it looks pretty much awesome!

  2. I’m excited about the house. It sounds like you are getting closer to potentially making an offer.

    I’m curious about the career path. Did you do a Federal clerkship after law school? That always seemed to be step one for those anticipating a teaching career.

    I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  3. Right after we first married, we found a great old headboard and footboard that reminded me of my grandparents old bed - for $20 at a local thrift store. Turns out it was a waterbed frame (weird, huh?), but DH figured out how to build in slats and refinished and stained it and it looked awesome. It's in our guest bedroom now :). So if you found a great headboard, spending a little more for a converter rail kit would totally be justified.
    I love the loveseats and chairs (especially the tan one), but I LOVE seating. I have the most eclectic mix of seating in my house. In our den - we have a dark brown microsuede loveseat (smaller than a love seat really) with 2 wingback chairs - one lime green and one cream with crewel embroidery in blue brown and green flowers. I have an old brown chair with a rattan back with a bright orange velvet seat that I found in perfect condition for $5 on CL. And an old chair that I'm going to refinish that is more victorian style with red velvet seat and springs in the seat (the filling was actually straw!!!).
    I think it's fun to have furniture with character - if it doesn't "match", you can tie it all together with a throw or pillows.
    Hope your house visit goes well today :).
    Oh, and I LOVE tin ceilings!

  4. When we were looking at houses, my realtor said adding tin ceilings is pretty easy. And they are so lovely! We were going to go that route when we under contract on a little house on Capitol Hill that was 100 years old but had those unfortunate 1980s bumpy ceilings. That house turned out to be in a marsh, so we didn't do it, and have not pursued tin ceilings in our current house.

    I fantasize about working part time too, then wonder if I would just spend an extra 20 or so hours a week being depressed that I am not at home with some ninos.

    I have similar feelings about my job -- I have lost ambition and wonder if it matters...? sigh!