Tuesday, January 12, 2010



So in case you haven't read it yet, you really need to read Naomi's infertility acronym post. I think my favorite is IWTSBBIKTTIMH ("I want to steal babies but I keep that thought in my head"), but it's hard to choose. Since I have an irrational fondness for acronyms (since childhood - it's true), I'll ante up a few of my own. Feel free to add some of your own too (and let me know - I told you, I love acronyms).

ttc: tyrannically-timed coi.tus
hpt: hidden peeing in terror
nfp: now for procreation
tww: total waste of worry
poas: pregnancy obsession and stupidity
itnfh: isn't that nice for her
wyihhoppsi: why yes, I have heard of Pope Paul VI Institute
wditoja: why didn't I think of just adopting?
isybwhmcbiabtbaad: I'm sure yak blubber will help me conceive, but I'm already being treated by an actual doctor
chgpbihtboased: crack whores get pregnant, but I have to be on a special endo diet
ihbhicgro(pbothi)aylypwiam: I have birthing hips I can't get rid of (probably because of the hormone imbalances) and you lost your pregnancy weight in a month


The other treasure - precious beyond words - that I found just yesterday in blogland is the blog Single Dad, Disabled Daughter. Do you remember when you first started blogging - probably within 72 hours before you started your own blog - and you found a blog that was so compelling you went back to the first post and literally read the entire thing? I remember doing that. I haven't done it in a long, long time. Of course, if I find what appears to be a great blog, I'll read back several posts (looking for a good place to put my first comment of course!), and peruse the IF timeline and go back to any significant event I think I need to be caught up on. If I feel like I've generally got the idea, I may only read back one or two posts, and then start keeping up currently from there. Anyway, this guy started blogging somewhere around the time I did. He posts quite a bit, though not as long-winded as I am (but then, who is?).

I read the entire thing in 24 hours (didn't help my productivity or sleep much). Not a single post failed to be compelling. Everything beautifully and provocatively written. And the story - is amazing. I know that very severe disabilities exist, and that there are parents who live with severely disabled children. But I could never have imagined myself into that world. I wouldn't have known what details to start with. He's a very good writer in that all that he says is so clear, and clearly true; and so, a window into an extraordinary, and heroic, world. I warn you, if you wander over to read, against saying "I'm praying for you" or complimenting what he does. Those are pet peeves of his (if you read enough posts, you'll see what I mean).

I feel like just the reading I've done so far has been a huge gift - some experiences leave an indelible stamp on you, but this is the first such I've experienced that came simply through reading another person's words over the internet. I'm sure I haven't grasped one one-hundredth of what their life is like, but I know I won't ever be quite the same.


  1. GMAB - Give Me A Break (combined with a rolling of the eyes when overhearing more baby gabble or another pregnancy announcement)

    NABSI - Not Another Baby Shower Invitation

    AF - Avoiding Facebook

  2. Love the acronyms. Very funny. Here's one:
    SUCAIHTIUCAGABBON which is "She used Clomid and is having twins, I used Clomid and got a big box of nothing!" Seriously. It happened. Twice with people I know.

    Might have to go check out that blog!

  3. Love the acronyms.
    Here's one-
    IIFTLPDTSBYCGP-Isn't it fun to look pregnant due to surgery because you can't get pregnant.

  4. I loved that acronym post - and yours are just as funny! Love it!

  5. freaking hilarious!!!!!!! I'm going to check out the blog! :)

  6. Yak blubber? OMG!!! I was cracking up! Howabout:
    FPS : Fake Pregnancy Symptoms Or
    ITIWP: I thought I was pregnant.
    NTH,IHAHA: Not tonight honey, I have a headache.
    HMMF: Hormones make me fat.

    Thanks for the fun post...I'll have to check out the mentioned blog...my girlfriend has a child who has severe auti.sm. I could never imagine her world. Nor could she imagine mine for getting pg is not an issue for her. :)