Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I no longer want to sell my husband to white slavers. Today. (Here I have to plagiarize further from Single Dad, this time a quote from Phyllis Diller, I believe: "Don't go to bed angry. Stay up and fight!") Who knows what tomorrow may bring, since I still have three more tamoxifen pills to take (with any luck, those will be the last three in my life! But I intend to get my p+7 finally done this cycle, and to go visit Dr. L/C after my next cycle starts [yes I said it. Screw you, tamoxifen, everyone knows you don't work] and see whether she recommends some other horrid medicine that will make me hysterical while allegedly, but not actually, improving my chances of conception. Nine more months till my year of good sportsmanship is over!).

Anyway. I have been very bad about responding to emails from our realtors (I'm maybe a week overdue) because I have been conflicted, also busy, and lazy. But here's what I decided to do:
  1. Write back. Pass for now on the guy who will do remodeling (but not major damage repair) estimates (that would be fine after we've bought the house).
  2. Ask our realtors to get all the sellers' disclosures, information on the age and repair of the furnace, water heater, and roof (am I forgetting anything?), and history of utility payments. This may be tricky, as the last occupants are dead, but I want the information if it's humanly possible.
  3. Get my credit reports and find out whether there are any errors or things I need to dispute. Get copies of my dh's documentation from his hearing last week, at which he obtained a declaratory judgment that the other fellow with his name who got a default judgment a few years ago is in fact not him. This should definitely help his credit.
  4. At lunch tomorrow, call a half dozen lenders and get them to give me non-binding quotes, based on credit information I'll send them, without actually initiating a credit check. Once I find the best quote, I'll know whom to call back for my pre-approval, and thereby avoid multiple credit checks. Does this sound like it will work?
  5. Go through the house one more time and visit all the scary nooks and crannies. Bring our friends, the couple who remodel and flip houses, and see what they think.
  6. Visit one time early on a week day and do each of our commutes as a trial run.
  7. If all of these things work out in a way that makes both of us (especially my dh, who has more cold feet) happy, put an offer on the house, with an inspection contingency in 72-point font. We already know about what the offer would be - a definite lowball.

OK, I've saved the exciting part. So I've been meaning and meaning to pay the $29.95 for the full credit reports from all the agencies. Apparently procrastination has its rewards, because when I signed on today, it was on sale for $24.95. I was sad to see the outstanding loan amount that I have - I've been paying my student loans for three years at an aggressive rate, and it looks like I only paid $3k! But then I looked through the details, and realized it is counting $8k in loans I co-signed for my baby brother so he could graduate from college (parents completely useless). They're totally current (he's very responsible), and without me having to pay them, which is also nice. Even better, it means I've repaid over $11k of my student loans! I am stoked.

But I'm still saving the best part for last. You know how I had a 750 credit score, and I heard that 760 was the break point for the best interest rates, and I paid off an $800 student loan in full, and then my score was still 750, and I was so sad? Well, I'm not sure that that discharge had reported to all the bureaus when I found that, or what, but check this out:

AW YEAH. And I bet my unmedicated estradiol and progesterone and FSH are totally and completely screwed up and my thyroid is STILL a mess and I DON'T GIVE A DA*N.


  1. Credit scores make me happy too, and your plan seems like a good one. These are wonderful scores! I also wanted to say, though I couldn't last night-too angry-that I was ready to ship my dh off as well. Glad things are better today! Btw, TCIE set up the glider and was just going off emails she already had. Since I don't know name/blog matches, I had no idea if anyone was missing, but she attempted to ask folks if she left anyone off. Hope that explains clears it up and there weren't any hard feelings.

  2. Good job. Very exciting to see you moving forward. You've got a great list!

    I would also ask to see the comps in the area. Do you know if the house is on a sewer system or a septic tank? If septic, inspection of that might be separate from a home inspection (it is in my state) and you would need to specifically request that in your offer.

    This is probably more relevant in my area which is prone to flooding, but I also asked to make sure the property wasn't in a flood zone. Again, I'm sure that's an issue here, but not there.

    Calling around to get pre-qualified and check on rates should be no problem.

    Good luck!

  3. If the house has an A/C unit, find out age & if it's had an inspection recently. I hope the finding a loan stuff goes well and I'm glad to hear that your credit score went up. Your plan on home buying items sounds good.

    I'm glad you at least aren't quite as frustrated and angry with your DH. I hope your hormone levels and cycle at least normalize for your health.

  4. well, it sure is nice to see some numbers that are just as they should be! congrats.

  5. When we got our credit checked for our mortgage I was so happy to have a high score. I was so afraid after seven years of university, a year and a half in Europe, buying a car then living on my own would give me low score. I was so glad that I was wrong. Even Mr. JB (who was horrible at paying bills on time when he was single) had a not too bad score himself. When he moved into our house after our wedding I found UNOPENED bills in his boxes! I almost killed him!

  6. Yay for great credit scores!!!! If you havent alread add these two things to your list.

    1) Go by the house when it is pouring rain (if there is pouring rain where you live) to make sure all the rainwater doesnt wash into your yard from your neighbors.

    2) Drive by the house at 10-11ish on a friday eveniong to make sure your neighborhood isn't where all the local teens hand out to avoid parents or do other shady activities.

    Hoping things move along in the baby and house aquiring fronts!

  7. Nice! Here's to an easy lending process.

    I'm really impressed by your diligence in house hunting... I'll have to blog when we finally get around to our farm hunt, and see what you think.

    In short, I like the cut of your jib! :)

    And here's to the last time you ever have to deal with that tamoxifen crap. May Clomid or FSH or whatever you decide to attempt treat you far better...