Friday, January 15, 2010

the next house post

And now, a brief reprieve from psychosis (we're moving straight into neurosis, though, as I suspect a competent psychologist could confirm).

Anyway. I only have one real picture of the master bedroom. It goes all across the front of the house, so it's not a bad size, and of course it's long and skinny. The house is angly on top and there's not a full attic, so the master ceiling slopes at the sides. One of these sloped sides has been made into a closet, with metal slidey-doors on upper rails. Also, there are sliding glass doors onto the screened-in porch outside (which connects only to the master, and we might some day want to do something with), which have heavy curtains to pull across them. This photo captures some of that:

Oh, also, there's two swing-arm brass lamps that stick out of the wall (for either side of the bed - okay), and it's carpeted, and my best efforts to peek under the carpet were unsuccessful. I'm going to assume there are no hardwood floors under the carpet.

So first, we need hardwood floors. I think I'd like real hardwood, that click-lock stuff that an amateur could install with a nail gun, and something that looks appropriate to the age of the house - dark wood, but probably not cherry or mahogany (those are trendy right now, and I would rather it read "original"). Home Depot appears to have some pretty good prices on the stuff - this "hand-scraped" elm is $4.06/SF, which seems to be competitive (but y'all tell me if I can do better!):

OK, what else? Oh, yes, a bed. We have a double now and I really think we'd like a queen (double will get painted or refinished and go in a guest room). The dh and I are in agreement in liking tall, solid (not poster), somewhat carve-y antique headboards. (Not too feminine; not too frilly, for a farmhouse-type place.) This one might even be too rustic, but I like it:

This one is for sale on craigslist right now, and I *think* it's a queen, but it's a bit dear and it may be too frilly for my dh:

I can't really get into dressers, I don't know why. We have one we'd keep in our room; it's contemporary but a nicely-designed highboy we got off Craigslist. I don't know whether I'd want a low one too. But I love wardrobes. I love this one (on craigslist):

Oh, this one too:

I also love painted rustic wardrobes. They're all good, really.

What else? Oh, yes. This idea I'm very attached to. I have no love for the slidey-doors on the closets. They're not bad, they're just very modern-construction. This, idea however, could make use of the existing configuration, could probably use doors sourced from a re-use-it type center, and I looove:

Have to do that.

Oh, for the walls, I'm going to have to talk my dh into this wallpaper (he didn't love it, but he will grow to) - I figure for one or two walls, and the others very very light gray, almost white paint, and the trim bright white. It's from totalwallcovering:

And then - let's see...oh yes, textiles. So, I love all the fabrics in this image:

I can't decide whether I would like the existing heavy drapes after I got all the other stuff I wanted into the room, or whether I'd want to replace them. But has awesome, awesome prices on designer fabric (and free swatches!) - you have to go through everything to find the good stuff. So I think I could do some happy drapes if necessary.

And I think a couple of small oriental-type rugs for the floor. I was reading that if you get a big one that extends under the bed, it's more likely to get moth-eaten, unless you clean religiously. I'm just going to put it out there: I do not clean religiously. I doubt I ever will. So, small rugs it is. These are cool (at a good price on overstock):

What else? We'll probably need something else, given the length of the room. Maybe an armchair at some point? I don't mind the idea of starting with the necessities and then adding later if we see something we love (great way to extend your shopping budget and not settle for pieces you'll hate later, I think). Also, things in my life tend to get more cluttered all by themselves. I'm sure we'll discover that there's a family heirloom antique sewing machine (actually, there is one) that needs a home, and would be perfect on that one wall. And maybe we'll need nightstands - I prefer to just cut to the chase and use a bookshelf. My dh's current nightstand is barely visible under the books.

Hmm. Maybe the upstairs bathroom is next?


  1. Wow, that bedroom has lots of potential. I am loving the rustic bed along with those floors, I think they will look amazing together. As for bookshleves for nightstands, go for it! That's what I have and it's so much better than a table covered in books!

  2. I like the layout of that room! There is a lot to work with. I am going to steal the bookcase idea for my spare bedroom that needs a nightstand.

    I am generally not a fan of entire rooms in wallpaper, but love it on one or two accent walls.

    Do you have a good thrift store or antique store nearby? AS are expensive, but I found a thrift store 30 minutes away that I love. It isn't the closest one to me, but it is the best. It is hit or miss, but over the past few years we have stumbled on some wonderful household finds. (I am not talking about large pieces of furniture, but accessory items).

    Thanks for the reminder about overstock. I've been to so many furniture stores trying to find a rug that wasn't too busy. I just ordered one (8x11 rug) from there. I hope it works well.

    I love all your furniture ideas, too.

  3. You should look into reclaimed wood - you can get some great wood for about $4 a sf at several places online.

    Love the pics!

  4. All your ideas are beautiful. I wish we could get some new furniture, but financially it's not in the cards right now. We use some small ikea bookcases as our nightstands.