Monday, January 25, 2010

better late than never

...but it's CD16, and peak is supposed to be CD14 on the tamoxifen (I believe), so it looks like NEVER. 'Cause I should've had the fertile CM starting on CD12 at latest, right? Oh, screw that. YET ANOTHER month in which I can't do my p+7 draw. Unless I want to assume that it's CD21? Does that sound rational? Anybody?

Also, my scale is plotting against me. For days, though I ate mostly Cheerios and ran three miles a day, the number stayed the same. Then for two days, I got no exercise and ate way too much party food (mostly Brie, which is good for you, right???). The first day I dropped 1.6 pounds; the second day, another pound. How likely is it that the scale is just totally inaccurate? It's digital, brand new, and I just got it from Target. Do they have demons programming their scales? Am I losing my mind? (Don't answer that.)

A friend is throwing a third birthday party on Wednesday. It starts at 5. Earliest I could get there is 8. That's a good reason not to go, right? I mean, it could be fine, or I could accidentally strangle someone. You just never know.

Last week, I finished my phone calls comparing mortgage rates between lenders. (I compared USAA, Bank of America, and two lenders recommended by our realtors.) Ended up with a clear winner. So then I did all the numbers for the different mortgage products from that lender in a spreadsheet - up-front cost differences, monthly cost differences, first-year tax deductions, and continuing deductions. Some options were eliminated early and obviously this way that I couldn't previously tell were uncompetitive. (Thank you, spreadsheet.) The others were just tradeoffs. I marked the ones I preferred and waited for my husband to get home. He preferred...completely different ones. Hmm. Well, I'm OK with his preferences.

Today I was supposed to call and get pre-approved, but I chickened out. It's not expensive or difficult, but it was such a big step! I'm weak. However, tomorrow I will be good and make the call. After we get pre-approved, our friends with the home improvement experience are going to come and visit the house with us (on February 6). And then we're going to put our heads together and decide whether we're willing to make an offer. (We've already figured out what the offer will be.) Long as we've dragged this out, we have accomplished some things. I mean, we have the house picked out. We're eligible for a mortgage in the amount we'd need. I just checked, and we need to give 45 days' notice under our lease in order to vacate early (March 31 at earliest). We were told we could get a lower price with a shorter closing period - such as 45 days, rather than 60. I think we could have an offer in by 45 days before the 31st. This could actually happen. Or not...who knows. (If we do buy, it will be so anticlimactic for those who've read my blog. How many houses have I considered "mine" by now?)

You can all discern the unifying theme in this post, right? Lateness! And I was supposed to be in bed 45 minutes ago. Tootles!


  1. You and my DH are two of a kind. Cost-Benefit analysis. Of course, he was an accountant in his former life, so he can't help himself. He'd do exactly what you did regarding the mortgage and the various comparisons. I probably would have too, but I may not have been nearly as thorough. Details aren't part of my genetic makeup.

  2. I’ve never been on tamoxifin (and am not NaPro), so takes this with a grain of salt. My peak has never been when it was supposed to be on any drug I’ve ever taken. What can I say, my ovaries are late bloomers. If your starting to see CM on CD16, it’s probably just delayed and your peak will be in a few days. Don't write this cycle off!

    My scale doesn’t budge if I eat heavy carbs (a byproduct of being PCOS), so I would’ve had the same body reaction regardless of the fat content.

    Good luck with the mortgage and house offer.
    I'm so excited for you!

  3. Sometimes my P+7 is as late as CD21. When I was on evil Clomid I would always ovulate late. It seems like I only ovulate around CD14 on my own. I have no idea what Femara will do to my cycle, but it's already CD14 and no fertile CM for me either!

  4. On the weight gain - cheerios are carbs, brie is fat. Carbs will make you gain weight - fat doesn't (good fat anyway). Higher carb diets forces the body into fat-making mode, instead of fat-burning mode because of the insulin release triggered by the carbs.

    I don't think it will be anticlimactic if you do end up buying the house! I'll be excited for you, and will be looking forward to all the pictures of your stuff in the house :).

  5. Hey Misfit,
    Just dropping by to say thanks for your comment led to a return monologue from me in reply.

    Sounds like you have a ton on your plate at the moment!

  6. Sorry about crazy body stuff continuing. I hope the house stuff works out. I don't think it'll be anticlimactic since you'll be able to post what you actually do decorating-wise.

  7. This encapsulates my life with baby parties: "I mean, it could be fine. Or I could accidentally strangle someone. You just never know."

    Love it.

  8. I am impressed with your number crunching and research and steadfastness and studying with all of the mortgage stuff. It will pay off in obvious ways.
    My husband and I bought our house really hurriedly because we needed a place to live when we got married, and he decided it would make more sense to buy than rent. So we did the whole shebang in a couple of months -- which was pretty crazy. It's all a blur; I don't even know what happened in those crazy months. If we had longer, we might have a different mortgage, different house... who knows? (although honestly, at the time we had low salaries, so we qualified for this special mortgage program for low-income people living in the inner city, so we got a good deal at the time)

  9. our real estate agent hooked us up with mortgage lenders that didn't work for one place, but had access to lots of loans. We made three compete against each other and dh is a great negotiator (he tracks the rates online daily). He got them to drop a lot of fees, etc. Just fyi in case it might be helpful-not that you want to delve into the process again....Good luck with all the house stuff! And sorry your cycle is being nutty. I had CM and never ovulated, so what's up with that (not this cycle-before meds).

  10. If eating cheese and not exercising causes weight loss, that's my kind of program! Hope your cycle gets on track soon.