Tuesday, December 15, 2009

continued post-surgical improvement

(wee bit of sarcasm there)

I know you know that it's time for a post about the decoration of the tan house's family room (as it is now known; AKA my future library). To pique your interest, I will mention that that post is going to be interactive - at least as many questions as answers, as there are a lot of unanswered questions in my head about how the room could/should look.

For now, however (and this gives you some breathing room to recover from the approximately 40 pages of text in my last 2-3 posts), I note merely the following:

Today is CD2, counting yesterday (spotting or VL?) as CD1. That's means that my fertile phase (insofar as I had one) was CD5-7 (!!!!), and I had a SEVENTEEN-day cycle. After my 22-day previous cycle (compare with 27 days for the cycle during which I had surgery, and 24-27 days on average for several years), I am in a contest with myself for the shortest menstrual cycle. And this just in - I'M WINNING!

I console myself with the notion that, at the going rate, by January 4 there will actually be a NEGATIVE number of days in my cycle (length is dropping by 5 days per cycle - you can check my math).

So for my first New Year's resolution on how to improve my quality of life and embrace my infertility:


I'm sure you can all get behind that.

(N.B.: I'm not trying to take lightly the plight of those who have really long cycles and few chances to ttc. I don't know if it makes it better or worse to know that I have 13-14 cycles a year and appear to ovulate in each of them, and it hasn't done me the least bit of good.)


  1. Wow. Isn't surgery supposed to make this better?

    I have the super long cycles and I think it would be equally frustrating to be in your shoes. Maybe more. Who knows?

  2. I'm sorry that you are still have cycle craziness since your surgery. I hope your body decides to snap out of it soon. However, I would be curious to know how a negative number of days in a cycle would work.

  3. So, are you saying you had a 9-10 day LP? Because that is waaay too short. That is just so strange!!! Did you confirm ovulation by some means, or are you just counting back from cd1? I wouldn't freak out too much I guess, b/c you're still healing from surgery, but if this sticks around for a couple months you'll probably need some progesterone support or something to get those hormones back in balance.

  4. Ha! Stop mensturating...yeah, I'll ask my body to do that...but just like every other time I've asked something of it I am sure it will ignore me. Ah well..

  5. I get totally get behind that resolution!!!!

    So sorry that your cycles are so ridiculous!

  6. Well, that is a short cycle. It could be an anomaly. Wait and see, I guess. Do you mind if I hope you "lose" your contest this cycle?

  7. You won't mind if I wish for you to "lose" your contest this cycle, I hope?

  8. Haha, a negative # of days in the cycle :P I like that.
    I had a 19 day cycle once. You win.
    Hopefully this is just your body's way of saying, "whoa, what the- what's going on in here, we've always done things a certain way with Mr. Endo... now he's taken off and we're supposed to function PROPERLY?? Well, we're gonna need some practice, first..."
    (And yes, that was an actual conversation I overheard from your internal reproductive organs.)

  9. :( I am sorry about the nutty cycle/s!