Friday, November 27, 2009

bright spots

So the Festival of Menstrual Lunacy has drawn more or less to a close with the appearance of what would seem to be an actual period today. After four days of quasi-invisible spotting, wrapping up the previous cycle at a whopping twenty-two days. Because I am boycotting the phenomenon of menstruation altogether, I have not yet taken any Aleve. However, while my midsection feels faintly sore and, on one side, slightly pinchy, the debilitating my-body-is-decomposing-from-the-abdomen-out death-pain that usually arrives with my period has not yet shown itself. I'm sort of running an experiment to see what effect the surgery had on my cramps. (We know it made my cycle into a hideous mess, so who knows?)

Life is not all bad - I ate myself silly on Thanksgiving food, I got an email from the Universal Drugstore this morning to say that they'd shipped my new thyroid meds (which will therefore arrive in 10-14 days. I have high hopes that my metabolism will finally be restored. Yay drugs!), and at some point I shall venture out to Target and H&M to look for some Christmas presents. For now I am indoors in my PJs, however, and to console my menstruant self, and you all, in case you are feeling fat/sick/menstruant/crampy/cranky/hormonal/weepy/irritable/unpregnant/left-behind/infertile today, I am indulging in pretty house pictures. See!

So many varied dining room ideas, it can be impossible to settle on one. This one says to me, "Mead! Roasted beast! NomNOMGobbleSlobber!"

Every home should have a butlery. (Full disclosure: none of the homes I'm looking at has one. Guess it can be kind of hard to measure up to the seven-bedroom monstrosity with the servants' stairs and the dumbwaiter that my parents bought for $75k when I was five!)

Living rooms are key. Fancy! (I need a large piano. Maybe a harpsichord?)

Cozy! (That ottoman looks comfier than my bed.)


Generally not as much of a fan of art deco, but this here is a potty masterpiece.

Likewise, the contemporary all-white idea is not something I would probably actually do in my house, but this makes me happy. Maybe I can do an eyelet lace mosquito-netting type canopy? Could I pull that off?

Ignore the anorexic pet (I feed my plants more than that!). Something about the blue and the printed bedspread and the wood tones...can I have this flooring? Pretty please?

This color scheme, as they say, speaks to me. And the screened porch on my tan house has heavy curtains on the inside (in a mustard heavy velvet that I just don't love). So I've had my eye on heavy curtains. I love these.

I think I am going to integrate a plate rack into any cabinetry I have to do any work on. I don't know whether they are as practical as they seem, but they are so charming!

Kitcheny happiness.

Nothing too fancy, but love the look. I think I might actually try to reproduce this.

Happy yard!

Where can I buy this dresser?


  1. I like the pictures a lot. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with the thyroid meds. God Bless, Marie

  2. I noticed right away that the cramps I had after my lap surg were minimal compared to the ones I had before surg. I could forget about them...therefore no Aleve until the day AF arrives.,..then I don't feel good. I guess the surgery couldn't take all of that away, huh? Sounds nice to stay home in pj's and look at house decor. I'm in sweats...and doing basically nothing myself. God Bless.

  3. Those are beautiful pictures and I really like your header picture. I hope the thyroid meds help your body to get back on track. I'm sorry that all your treatments so far have just messed it up.

  4. LOL! "Festival of Menstrual Lunacy..." for a second I thought that was some kind of medieval reenactment.

    Thanks for the gorgeous house pic - inspiring. Will I ever have a home of that caliber? I hope so, bit by bit. Love'em!

  5. Good luck on the experiment. My cramps were never as bad as you described, but they did improve after my surgery. I love your blog picture. Where ever it is, I want to visit. A cozy meal by a real, wood fire . . .