Monday, November 30, 2009


We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming about infertility, hormones, Other People's Children, home decor, cooking, and other things that strike our fancy for an important public service announcement.

If you receive a comment from one "sheldonhillyer" that is just a hyperlinked series of dots, DO NOT PUBLISH IT and DO NOT CLICK ON THE HYPERLINK. It's some sort of por.nography. And wouldn't you know that the filters on my work computer, which seem to block things entirely at random, wouldn't block it, so I had to look at a picture of some sort of contorted female in a (or something) for about 1.5 seconds before I realized what I was staring at and shut the window. I should not have clicked a hyperlink from an unknown commenter. Obviously. HOWEVER...

HOWEVER, I have a small point to make here. I think por.nography is evil, harmful, hateful, and wrong, and I have no tolerance for any opposing viewpoints, from whatever religious, moral, or philosophical background (you can have them, and I'll respect you, but I don't respect that opinion). As far as I am concerned, this is not a Catholic thing, it is a human being thing. That being said, I am a practical person and I am aware that the por.nography industry exists. It's an in-demand commodity, and many have argued that it is the pure form of laissez-faire capitalism (to which I would reply that nobody ever actually reads Adam Smith's book, but that is neither here nor there). But my understanding of por.nography is that por.nographers exist to make a profit. Thus, all the filth lurking on the interenet, kazaa, wherever (both legal and illegal) is for sale. There are bootleg and homemade things available for free (especially the illegal stuff, I believe), but all these websites that are set up exclusively for por.n require payment to view the filth that I would probably pay some money if I never ever had to see again, even by accident.

Which brings me to one of life's inscrutable mysteries: por.n spam. By all logic to which I have ever been exposed, there is no reason why any por.n purveyor would ever sneak porn into the view of the unsuspecting, or force it on the unwilling. Mr. Hillyer, you pig, if you exist, obviously you know I don't want to view your garbage, or that hyperlink would have read "see h.ot g.irls!" rather than "......................................." But if I don't want to see it, then I'm not going to pay you to see it, and if I'm not going to pay you to see it, then why on God's creation would you go to the effort of (or go to the effort of designing a bot for the purpose of) sneaking it into my comment box where I might naively think it was some interesting material on the subject (infertility) that I blog about?!

I recognize that my latest profile change - which amuses me greatly - might have made me a bigger spam target (and I will mull over whether it's worthwhile to make some changes on that basis), but NOTHING will explain to me the rationale for por.n spam.



  1. Wow, you have posted alot in the past few days! I'm so sorry about the weird cycle and the inappropriate comment- geez!!! I promise to be better about commenting :)

  2. Sorry about the crazy por.n spam. That is weird. I do like your profile, which I just read because you mentioned it.

  3. I commend your unapologetic condemnation of por.n. :) I like how you say things.

    I do think that you underestimate how enticing those images can be for some people. Many many men (and probably women too!) get treatment and counseling for being addicted to the I guess whoever spammed you was hoping to lure in such a person. It is a sad state of affairs when we are visually assaulted and can't take any legal action.

  4. Amen! I always figured that they wanted to get it in front of people in the hopes that that person would pay to see more. But why? I would assume that there's enough free porn out there to keep people happy.. you must really have a problem if you need to pay.

    Speaking of po.rn, did you see how on Op.rah, Sar.ah referred to Pla.boy as po.rn? I didn't think anything of it since, well, it IS por.n, but I saw stories afterwards that talked about how absurd it was that she considered it po.rn. I was like, what?? I thought that said a lot about our society.

  5. When I taught older kids we were doing research in the computer lab of the school. One of the kids typed in a link that was in the text book and it took them to a por.n site! And yes, I teach in a Catholic school and the school board's internet nanny didn't filter it out!

    This sheldonwhat'shis name better watch out!

  6. On my gosh...your post brought about a memory of something kind of funny that happened when I used to work as an admin asst...I used to have to go into my bosses computer and do various things for him...check email..look for things..blah, blah, day..this po.rn stuff starts popping up...I was flabergasted..and I questioned his exec asst and she said that he accidently opened a "site" when searching for something and now he can't get the po.rn to stop! I it really that easy to be a victim to p.orn spam? I also had problems when I was getting married and I was looking for honeymoon places...I am very careful how I type in my's sickening...and I's some sick bas****ds way of trying to lure in the unexpecting soul but interested soul. Isn't there a place where we can report that? The is a wonderful tool...and I know I enjoy it...however it does open doors for things for wrongdoings. The evil "lurkers" do exist.

  7. I had many an embarrassing moment at work when doing legitimate research that went hidiously wrong when I was trying to find info on a bank that's name was similar to a slang term for the female anonatomy. I couldn't turn that computer off fast enough!