Friday, November 13, 2009

fertility causes indigestion

I bet you didn't know that. It must be true, though, because my abdomen has been putting on a regular symphony (mostly percussion and brass) for the last two days. And the only thing that connects them, other than the fact that I ate Afghan food, which is really mild and anyway I had that big surgery and now my intestinal tract is TOTALLY FINE so it can't possibly be that, is that I had fertile CM both days.

YAY FOR SLIPPERY MUCUS! It came BACK. By ITSELF. Like everything was NORMAL and the surgery was over and it knew it was time for a "return to normalcy" even though that's not a WORD, President Harding, and what kind of example are you setting when you can't even speak ENGLISH properly, I ask you? Shows how much YOU know about cervical mucus. Sigh.

Anyway, there is the small fact that the slippery started on CD8, which is a wee tad early, but this reassures me that I don't need to worry that (by CD9, today) I haven't yet reached the "drowning in CM" stage that I'd really like to return to some day. Also, maybe it means that I've become one of those super-fertile b*&^%es who has a good...OK, I just did the math, that would be SEVEN running days of slippery if CD14 were peak day. Hahahahahahaha. Ha. Hee hee. Snort. Ha. Whew.

So I guess this is the weekend. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a decent human and go running. And start my Christmas shopping! I think it's an appropriate time for a little early Christmas shopping. And exercise. And VISITING THE HOUSE. Oh, and calling to get preapproved for a mortgage...huge sigh. I am brave.

Happy weekend!


  1. Great to hear that your fertility signs are reappearing after that surgery. Lord willing, that will mean more future happiness and dreams coming true. :)

  2. Doing the fertile CM happy dance!

  3. If you get 7 days of slippery mucus, I'm gonna punch you in your face or blog rather.

    Really, if that doesn't scream FERTILE I don't know what does!

    Okay, now that I calmed down, I'm totally excited for you! Hopefully that means no drugs and a natural conception, you know, like all the other fertile B*&^%es! :) hahahaha

  4. So great that you are having good CM.