Monday, October 12, 2009

small updates

All the info I have on my surgery comes from a short conversation my dh had with Dr. L while I was still zonked, and he doesn't interrogate in quite the ruthless way that I do.

(Meanwhile, I, and my wonderful nurses, have been trying for hours to get her to come visit me, since she is here at the hospital. Apparently she is on call in the maternity ward, and it strikes me as slightly unfair that women who already have babies should get to monopolize my fertility specialist, too.)

Here's what I do know. I was, typically, right where I'd have preferred to be wrong - the endo was much worse than she suspected. They removed several cysts; size estimates appear to be in the key lime range (all endometriomas are measured in citrus). She did not cut open my bowel; I *think* this is because I didn't need it, rather than because I screwed up the bowel prep, but I will verify this if I ever get a chance to talk to her. She told my dh that there is a 70% chance it will be back in 5 years if I don't get pregnant.

This prompts a number of considerations. First, I take that to mean she got it all (otherwise it would be 100%, right?). Second, well, this is bad news. I was hoping this would be an opportunity to move on from IF treatment (if I wanted to) and institute a lifetime ban on surgery on my reproductive organs. It doesn't sound like that will work.

But my chances of pregnancy are 30% or less (cue Naked Gun quote: "And there's only a 10% chance of that"). And that's in the next year, when my dh will be gone for a month, every other month. Someone up there has a sick sense of humor. My reproductive organs are not only useless for their intended purpose, but a ticking time bomb to boot. This is unacceptable, and if I have to have them removed to get this situation under control, I will.

Also, I didn't turn out to have a uterine polyp (I guess this is good, but then what was that?), and I can't tell whether she did the cervical cautery for the precancerous lesions. I'm pretty sure I could feel recent burns to my cervix, and I don't. This morning, though, she said she would do that.

In general, despite my big-picture brooding, I am in high spirits. I set about being a plague on the nurses immediately, and succeeded in quitting the morphine as soon as I woke up (eight hours ago, and I feel fine), getting the catheter out earlier than promised, and switching almost immediately to solid food. They also let me walk back from the bathroom unsupervised. I plan to exploit all these achievements to get myself released tomorrow. I am still VERY sleepy (but no longer groggy), but I want to be back in my house.

Speaking of which, my exhausted husband (who got no sleep last night, and no anaesthesia either), went home I think before 3 to get a nap and come back. I texted him after *my* nap to request my laptop (my TV's on the fritz, and the laptop is more fun than the BB), but he has not responded and it's been hours. I don't want to call him and make him feel guilty, but I am sort of wondering where he is.


  1. Sounds like a success! I know a lot of ppl that conceive after surgery for endo. Prayers for a healthy recovery!!

  2. I am so glad that your surgery went well. I hope that your doc comes to see you soon!

    Rest up and milk all the attention that you can get! Sending prayers your way!

  3. You sound good! I've been praying for you today.

  4. I'm glad to hear you're doing well, and that it seems that she got everything. I really hope you don't have to have another surgery. I was told after my surgery that it wouldn't return for many, many years, and unfortunately it was back in a year and a half. Ugh.

    I'm impressed with your progress post-surgery! Hope you hear from your husband soon!

  5. I'm glad you're doing ok. Let us know once you have gotten all the info from your dr.

  6. It's good to hear from you!!!! Praise God that surgery is behind you now. Hmm....interesting diagnosis...I guess I don't understand how after all of the surgery the dr gave you a 30% success rate of pregnancy? At least your dr told you the endo might return in 5 years if no RE told me one year. I'm sure when you go to the post op appt you'll get a better lowdown from the doc. Just rest now and get better. Time to heal. You'll soon enjoy painfree cycles and maybe a blessing or two (if you know what I mean). God Bless.

    BTW: I feel the same way about my repro organs...if they are going to keep getting endo and I'm going to need more surg to at least maintain a painfree life...then it's time to get rid of them. I no longer think about pg...I think about whether my future holds a hystrectomy. Errggg....

  7. Praying your recovery goes smoothly and that your endo NEVER comes back!

  8. There's still a 30% chance of no endo in 5 years. Not great, but it certainly could be worse. I'm sorry it was bad enough to rate citrus fruits (I'll never think of limes the same way again). You're bouncing back fast!

  9. "all endometriomas are measured in citrus" that's priceless!

    glad you are recovering well. praying for you!

  10. Glad that you are out of surgery and recovering. Keep us posted on your conversation with Dr. L.

    Sending prayers your way!

  11. I don't understand how they can give you a 5 year return rate of 70%? At the CEC, they said none of the existing disease would return, but new growth could always happen. Their success rate is over 80% though (for pain control and disease return, not fertility). If you get to the point where you think you'd need a hysterectomy, I think it'd be worth it to check the CEC out - they are super aggressive about removing disease and saving reproductive organs.

    I hope you continue to heal quickly - make sure you pamper yourself (or make your husband pamper you) when you get home! Take it easy :)