Sunday, October 11, 2009

one way or another

It's basically over, in the sense that I am going to have to go to bed, if not in the sense that I succeeded in any particular respect.

I did get to Mass and confession (dh wanted to get home so I didn't stay to get anointing, but I did get absolution, so I'm satisfied). And I did get two loads of laundry done, including the bleach load with the pillows (they survived and they smell nice too). My ambitions to clean the bathroom met with less success. I mean, I did have to clean up the bathroom, after I threw up all over the floor. But bleaching the shower curtain, scrubbing the tub, and knocking out the soap scum - didn't happen. I certainly didn't get to doing the dishes and sweeping the laundry room.

In lighter news, I've crossed two items off my lifetime list of experiences: self-administering an enema, and projectile vomiting. I took all four doses of antibiotic #2, but, as previously mentioned, I threw one dose up immediately from the nausea. As to antibiotic #1 - forget it. I took one dose in the morning (before starting the Go Lightly), which made me gaggy but stayed down for at least an hour. After I puked the dose of antibiotic #2, I decided to hold off on the rest of #1 until I'd finished the bowel prep for the day, since I figured it was guaranteed to induce vomiting, and why throw up two medicines?

This turned out to be a solid prediction. At some point, I decided that I was giving up on the Go Lightly altogether. In hours and hours, I got down maybe an ounce of the stuff I had mixed with grape juice and seltzer over ice. In spite of ditching it and taking three dramamine, I felt queasy all day, a little bit of unnecessary rottenness. Late in the evening I figured I'd get down the remaining three pills, but the first one came up instantly, and at high speed. So, at least my bathroom floor has been bleached in part of its area. I didn't even bother with the remaining two - swallowing it to cough it up three minutes later is a pointless exercise. So I'm at 50% on the antibiotics, which is poor.

The bowel prep didn't fare substantially better. I finally took the plunge and took the enema, and after three (it says on the box you shouldn't do more than one in a day. Too bad), I think I'm getting close to that zen state of passing water - but definitely not all the way there. (One might well ask how I ended up with three of them. When the liquid it came with ran out, I thought about trying to make my own saline solution with table salt, when my eyes lit on the abandoned bottle of Go Lightly. Look - sterile liquid with salt solution built right in! I have to say, it was a whole lot better rectally than orally. And if you had told me last week that I would say that about anything, I would have told you to get your head examined.) I am figuring I'll give it one more go before I leave tomorrow morning, and if that doesn't work, well, I am not the genius who prescribed me only one bowel prep method and no anti-emetic - along with a nausea-inducing antibiotic that specifically says it is to be "taken with food," on a day I am permitted only to consume clear liquids. I don't think this whole endeavor was planned exceptionally well, is what I'm saying.

Now I'm off to get 90 minutes of sleep.

P.S. For anyone wondering how my surgery turns out, I'll spoil the suspense: I live. I'll post by Wednesday, when I expect to get home from the hospital, with any interesting news (I'm thinking here that no news is good news).


  1. YIKES, you certainly had a tough day yesterday. I will be praying for you!!!

  2. Good luck with your surgery!

  3. I'm sorry that your bowel prep experience was even more horrible than necessary. I'll be praying that your surgery goes well.

  4. I'm praying for a successful surgery for you today!

  5. certainly did have a horrible time with the surg prep stuff huh? Praying the surgery and recovery go a lot better and that you will be feeling like yourself soon. Blessings!!!!

    We'll be looking forward to hearing how you are doing on Wednesday!!!! Fingers crossed.

  6. My Goodness! I too, have had my rounds with bowel preps, and am actually doing one right now. And it sound like my night to a "T"! I am SO SORRY, that you had to have such an awful experience. But Good Luck on your surgery! I know we may not know eachother, but I can definetly empathize. Well, I'm off too, to try and get what ever sleep I can, before my own surgery... But God Bless You, and Good Luck!