Wednesday, October 21, 2009

not all bad

Thank you all for your kindness and your generous words of comfort. They mean a great deal. And they remind me that I can hardly bemoan my fate, the wife of a doubting Catholic, when I have not been zealous in practicing that faith myself. I need to do more than I have been. I started a novena to St. Jude, after Jeremiah's wonderful suggestion. I think a daily Rosary is not a bad idea but I need to get myself in a good frame of mind to actually do it or I will wimp out.

I feel bad for posting something so upset after vanishing for a while. There are good things happening too. I have been getting more and more mobile and steady. I've been needing less sleep - but probably getting still less than I need, and I know I will heal faster if I sleep more. I'm not sure on the Friday and Saturday after major surgery on Monday, most people decide to host parties until 3AM and 5AM, respectively. On the other hand, I had my sister and my husband to do most of the cleaning (I did contribute a bit), and carry all the groceries, and be gracious to the guests when it took me several minutes to pry myself out of the couch and I couldn't greet everyone immediately. And it was really nice to see people.

I've not abandoned my housing hobby. Just another week or so until the last contingency closes on the tan house, and I either find a good comparable sale price or get to visit another potential home, if the sale falls through. And of course, I haven't gotten off the home decor kick. Although I tend toward the super-traditional (without going all the way to "your grandma's mausoleum" or "Victorian museum," I hope), there are some very good ideas incorporated in contemporary designs that I need to learn from:


  1. Gosh...I could never entertain until 3am or 5am in the wee morning. I do like to stay up late but 1am is it for me and it was only dh and I one else was around. I give you lots of credit for doing that especially so soon after a surgery.

    BTW: My kitchen is probably the size of the one above however the layout is completely different. I like the stainless steel appliances and the flooring. My dh is not big on hardwoods for floors...he wants tile. hmmm...

  2. St Rita is good, too. Like St Jude, she patron of impossible causes. Unlike him, she was the wife of a nonbeliever who converted shortly before his death. She was a great help when I prayed for my husband during the time of his conversion. Maybe she can help you, too.

  3. Hosting parties after surgery?! Wow, you are way tougher than I was :).

    Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to heal even when you feel lots better - the internal healing continues for months!

  4. A party after surgery? Gesh. Where do hang your superwoman cape?

    I love the house pictures. You're going to have a lovely home one day.

  5. Thinking of you and hoping you're healing in more ways than one.

    I like the contemporary elements in that kitchen. Would look gorgeous with lots of windows to let in the light.

  6. I think it's wise to keep perspective as you are doing, because it's been a stressful, painful Fall for you and it's not really productive to analyze your marriage too hard when you're in the middle of major life stressors or transitions. But I hope you find the balance quickly tipping more toward good than bad.