Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ain't misbehavin'

At least, not particularly seriously, in my own personal opinion.

Despite the hilarity of some of the advice I received, I decided to observe the ban on (some) activities until after I am cleared by Dr. L (tomorrow). After what appeared to me to be my normal cycle ended, I had a couple more days of spotting, and I didn't think it wise to risk injury if I haven't yet entirely healed. (Not that chandelier-swinging was contemplated. Our ceilings are rather low.)

This past weekend, I managed to persuade a few sporting individuals that we needed to drive out and do a fall color tour in Shenandoah National Park. The leaves were really prime for viewing, but on the appointed day, Saturday, it was to pour and pour. My disappointment was keen, but I rescheduled for Sunday, even though my dear husband was unable to attend on that day.

Given my New England/Northeast roots, I understand that a fall color tour is to be performed preferably in the hills (and in a forest), and the touring done by car, perhaps with a short walk or picnic to get the up-close view. Not all of the participants fully grasped this car concept, however, and I felt I had to offer some more energetic form of activity. Hiking was the obvious choice, but I don't think I could even have hiked a mile, to say nothing of in the mountains. I feel much better, but I get really winded when I walk even a few blocks. (I have no idea why. My cardiovascular endurance is generally excellent, and they didn't operate on my lungs.)

Someone else proposed canoeing. I know, I know - but it was downriver only, the water level was very low (no rapids), and I figured that if we did hit a really dramatic patch, I could deposit myself on the shoreline and wait for rescue. It isn't the wilderness, after all. I need not have worried. The weather was just as fine as it could be; our 2-3 mile trip down the river was lazy and peaceful; and I rowed only enough strokes to say I'd participated (and any concerns about excessive exercise should be allayed by the fact that my rowing didn't seem to alter our speed or trajectory in any way). The doggy who came along seemed totally confused by the idea of floating vessels, but he clearly enjoyed the outing.

We finished up with dinner outside at a local fast-food establishment that sells cheesesteak, chicken fingers, burgers, and frozen custard, and we got everyone home in time for 7:30 Mass. Except for the absence of my husband, it was a perfect day. The general enthusiasm was such that I am going to be allowed involvement in the planning of another outdoorsy outing soon (we'll have to pick our venue carefully as it gets colder, of course). Suggestions? Oh, and if anyone wants information on the canoe rental place in Front Royal, let me know. I recommend them.

A picture of me in my canoe (I am very sad that the brilliantly-colored hills and trees look brown in all of my pictures):


  1. That sounds like a lot of fun! We've been dying to go camping while the weather is still fall-like, and maybe camping/canoeing is the way to go :).

  2. Beautiful! So glad that you were able to get out and get away for the day. Shenandoah is so gorgeous. :)

  3. Sounds like fun..the colors peaked around me last the leaves are on the ground...kind of sad. Just a painful reminder that one season will come to a close and another will start which is winter. Ugh!

  4. It looks like a beautiful time. I'm glad you were able to go out there even though your DH didn't get to go.