Monday, September 21, 2009

one step forward

I wonder whether I am even more lethargic and ill-disciplined because my DH is gone? Possibly I refuse to go to sleep until 3AM...on a work night...because he is not here? I mean, it's a fact that I do that whenever he's not around, but I wonder whether I do it because he's gone or I just don't do it when he's around because he'd tell me to go to bed.

Anyway, despite the fact that my house has remained in museum-quality preservation since my guests left after 3AM Friday (that wasn't a work night, just for the record), and I may want to get rid of the empty beer bottles and pieces of pretzel some time before the husband returns, I was good and made even MORE phone calls this lunchtime than I had assigned myself. I called my pharmacy about endocrinologists (still need an abbreviation here) who prescribe something other than synthroid, and they plain refused to help. "We don't know that information, there are too many prescriptions."

This is where big business is the opposite of efficient, and you need small-town. (It's nice to have tasty and affordable Ethiopian and Thai food within a three-minute drive, but I miss my small town so.) So I called a local pharmacy, and (after I was on hold ten minutes), the woman told me Armour was no longer available, listed all the formulations that are now being used instead, named three doctors and one practice that prescribe these, and gave me the phone number (apparently off the top of her head). Note to self: change prescriptions from Giant to Preston's CARE Pharmacy.

The practice was the Kaplan Clinic, so I decided to be good and add a call to my roster: find out whether they have openings and whether they take my insurance. Maybe even make an appointment! Imagine my bewilderment when I was told they do not take any insurance and bill on a fee-for-service basis. I was proud of having enough presence of mind to follow up with, "Do you have a schedule of fees?" No. They charge by the hour. That doesn't leave me with any easy basis of comparison. Apparently the initial visit is $325 with most of the docs there and $525 with Mr. Senior Doctor.

I think this is probably more than reasonable, compared to what I would pay without insurance anywhere else. But I already have the insurance...paying by the hour would be an additional expense. I'm sure I could afford it, but it does seem sort of wasteful. And I don't want to call the very nice pharmacy back and ask for even more names. Maybe tomorrow at lunch I will call every endocrinologist listed on the Blue Cross website and see what they prescribe. That's what I was hoping to avoid. Ah, well.

My other planned phone call was to Fr. Paul to see whether he can recommend me a spiritual director (I was good and called him last week, but he was out of the office till today. I did leave a message). Turns out the whole office was empty when I called today, so I will be patient and wait for his return call. He's far too disciplined to fail to return a phone call, especially, I would think, to someone looking for spiritual guidance.

Score: misfit: 3; creeping laziness: 0. Results: misfit still spiritually and physically unhealthy. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


  1. Well, nothing wrong with a little creeping laziness from time to time (this coming to you from a virtual queen of ill-disciplined-ness). Hang in there!

  2. You may have already tried this, but doesn't that pro-Armour thyroid website list all the docs who prescribe it? And also, have you tried Tep.eyac? I mean, Dr. B put me on Synthroid and Cytomel but that might have been because I had already been on slow-release T3. Usually if you ask for something he'll at least be open to it.

  3. Sorry it didn't go better :(. My next recommendation would be to find an osteopath with some knowledge of endocrinology (if that even exists?). Osteopaths tend to be more holistic type doctors, and usually take insurance. It's just a crapshoot trying to find one that knows about thyroid stuff.
    The best doctor in my area (who specializes in female reproductive issues), is a naturopath and doesn't take insurance. Her initial appt is $325 and 1.5 hrs, and follow-ups are 1 hr and $150. Expensive if out of pocket, but I'm considering just doing it anyway. I mean, ART costs thousands of dollars, so if this could save us a trip to the fertility clinic...wouldn't it be worth it? (Trying to convince myself to spend money is tough)
    By the way, I got that call the pharmacy advice from the thyroid website. The lady who put that together is amazing.

  4. Oh, I hate making phone calls. I even refuse to call the pizza place...I make my husband do it.
    I hope all your hard work pays off soon.

  5. I hope that your search for a new endocrinologist goes better tomorrow. I agree that paying out of pocked when you're already insured doe seem like a lot.

    Tomorrow will be better, it just has to be.

  6. I've been told to see an endocronologist for my thyroid too (not my dr's but by friends)...but I haven't...I just take the meds the RE and Dr prescribe which is the gener.ic and T.3. My last blood lab said my levels are in normal range. So...I'll go with that. Good luck in finding a dr to help you. Keep praying for the Lord to help you find that spiritual direction you crave....and I miss my dh horribly when he's gone...praise our Good Lord...that is not often at all.

  7. Good job overcoming creeping laziness. I hope you can find an ENCR (a try at an abbreviation...) who will prescribe a different thyroid medication. I hope your priest gets back to you soon on spiritual direction.

  8. Hmmmm...maybe you can find an NP or RN willing to let you give other formulations a shot. Sometimes family doctors and their nurses are more amenable to giving things a try. I mean, really, it can't hurt, right?

    Glad you're making step-by-step progress.

  9. I noticed on your timeline you are having surgery for endometriosis in a few weeks. I hope all goes well. Sorry about the frustrations you are currently having. It's the last thing you need on top of your current stresses.

  10. I hear you on the frustrations of finding a good endo and one that is willing to treat on both lab numbers and symptoms. What a pain! I wish there was one BIG website that compared drs. that was honest so we could pick better.