Monday, September 7, 2009

guess what I have

So I don't really do blog giveaways or anything, but I was picking up my new thyroid prescription at the pharmacy the other day and what should I see but a $2 off coupon for mucinex! I should probably have taken the whole stack, but I grabbed one. The stuff does me no good, so I figured I would give it away.

Anyway, I have decided that anyone who wants it may comment with their idea of what they want to do if they DON'T have kids (maybe this is unfair to those who are certain they will?). No limits - if you want to be a professional boxer or the queen of England, have at it. I promise to choose on an entirely arbitrary and capricious basis, to be determined based on my mood at the time. Contest closes at midnight Eastern time on Friday.

Happy mucus, everyone! I mean Labor Day. Happy Labor Day.


  1. queen of england. definitely. hands down. no questions asked. who cares if the country doesn't want to support me. it's a grand tradition. and a lot of perks i'd imagine. part of history... need i go on?

    but since i'm catholic and therefore out of the line, i would love to have sam.antha brow.n's job on the travel channel. as long as i could take my husband of course.

  2. oh, and i don't need the mucinex - someone else probably wants it... i just wanted to comment, since i'm thinking grand scheme here.

  3. OK, I'll have a stab at it.

    If I do not have children, I plan to join the circus as "Woman with the Most Diagnoses, Miraculously Still Alive!!" I can see it now. People will Oooh and Aaah over live-frame sonograms of my hideous "dumbbell" shaped ovaries. Sideshow Bob will cut my arm with a razor, and to everyone's astonishment, the bleeding will clot up immediately! Kids can pay a nickel to come run their fingers through my hair, and see how much falls out (and take a souvenir home, too)! Of course, everyone will need to wear sterilized gloves and masks in my vicinity, so as not to catch my Chlamydia.

    It'll be great.


    Cool beans getting the coupon. Too bad the stuff doesn't work for ya. Have you tried Pre-Seed?

  4. I don't need the Mucinex coupon - I've stocked up on the stuff - but I like the question. I'd like to travel forward to a time when they have a little thing like infertility cured. Why not?

  5. I happen to have enough mucus already (not to brag or anything) so I don't need it, but I just wanted to say that whenever I see a golden ticket I immediately get excited! Oh my goodness, it's so beautiful! That movie really brainwashed me to covet them!

  6. I also don't need the coupon (robitussin seems to work better for me), but I also love the question! I am pretty sure I'll have kids (haha), but in the event that we don't, I'd like to be a rich philanthropist, giving to places like the Ronald McDonald Houses and various crisis pregnancy centers, to name a couple!

  7. I love the golden ticket allusion!

    My honest and somewhat shallow response is to participate in slightly-extreme sports (adventure races, marathons, triathlons) and get scuba dive certified. I would also like to take endless vacations, though unfortunately that is not practical. And eat sushi all the time and drink wine.

    Those are all the medium-term consolation prizes for infertility.

    But longer-term, a la Julia Child ... I'm not sure. I do desperately want children, but I've wondered if the pain of infertility would be less if I found my job more life-giving and fulfilling? Without children maybe I would become a dramaturg. A scuba-diving, adventure-racing dramaturg who takes frequent exotic vacations. That's it precisely.

  8. I would want to work at an orphanage as a missionary! Does this count? I can only imagine being able to hug and hold all those little ones who have no one else to hug them goodnight! By the way, I do have some mucinex already . . .but that coupon sounds great!
    Hope you are doing well, I always appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers on my post.