Tuesday, September 1, 2009


My phone tag with Tepeyac is at an end (for now): I have surgery scheduled for October 12 at the entirely reasonable hour of 7:30 in the morning. I guess doctors are different from lawyers, because I get UP for work at that time. My pre-op will be October 6. I have butterflies in my stomach - I feel like I just bought a ticket for the prom. Am I crazy? (Don't answer that.)

I should note that unlike AYWH, I don't have anxiety issues with surgery - I can honestly say I don't have anxiety issues at all. (Just a temper. That's so much more attractive, right?) I'm stoked that this got scheduled so fast (less than six weeks after the day I called, on the date I picked, when my husband is expected to be in the country).

I will admit to being anxious (not in the anxiety disorder sense) about one thing. The nurse told me I couldn't eat or drink for 8 hours before surgery, but nothing about the prep that AYWH did. I only have enough sick leave to do this about once in 18 months or so. I think I'm going to write Dr. L a nice letter and explain (as politely as I can - people seem to take my precision as hostility, but I HAVE to be precise!) that I have some criteria.

(1) If you're going to do exploratory surgery, fine, but you're going to do the WHOLE procedure as soon as you finish.
(2) If it requires an incision, it gets done that day. That means the polyp, the cysts, and the incisions ALL go, or no surgery.
(3) It ALL has to go. If all the adhesions can't be removed, I will reschedule for when the technology is available. I'm ambivalent about more treatments after the surgery. I'm committed to spending my thirties pain-free, surgery-free, and with normal digestion, and THAT is what has convinced me to go forward with surgery.


  1. I hope it all goes as planned for you...I feel so much better myself after my surgery. I feel like I've gained 2 more weeks of my life back that I haven't had for a long time due to the endo, pelvic pain. I'll keep you in my prayers that this is it for you and....you'll have a pain-free thirties (for me it's a pain free forties).

    Doesn't that feel like such a blessing to get a surgery date so fast? That is great that you don't get anxious. God Bless

  2. I hope that the doc does do all the business while she's in there. It was a great disappointment for me when I had my first "look see" surgery in April. Although the results of my second, more invasive surgery, were great, it was still tough to have to live with all the junk growing in my body.

    I'm so jealous that you don't have to do the bowel prep! Honestly, it was worse than the actual surgery, but not as bad as the gas pains!

  3. That's great news. Tell em like it is.

  4. I was not a fan of having a second surgery to remove anything they might not have been able to get to the 1st go-around, either. Luckily, my endo was minimal, and not on the bowel, so it all got taken care of then and there, along with my ovarian wedge. BUT... if I had had bad symptoms, I think I would have been more inclined to want to remove it all, no matter how many surgeries it took... kwim?

    I'll pray that everything works out for you. That is really impressive about the quick date you got!! I can feel the Holy Spirit at work amongst all of us :)

  5. I just read your post about your phone conversation with Dr. L but I didn't see if you mentioned anything about the bowel prep. Do you definitely not have to do it? If not, you are SOOO lucky! I know I've complained about it enough already, but I'll just mention again that it was pure misery. Except to just be able to wake up and have it at 7:30 would've helped a ton. It was the waiting around all day, starving and thirsty, that was horrible.

    Good luck! Dr. L is a great surgeon!

    Sorry for all my comments tonight! I'm getting caught up!