Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I know I've been absentee. My laptop's on the fritz. And I've been musing. Off the tamoxifen (still in pain). And missed an RE appt. (But still scheduling surgery.)

Anyway, I have a question. Would you rather have a leg amputated, or be infertile?


  1. I can deal with infertility better than I could an amputated limb. I don't like it one bit, but it's much less traumatic for me.

  2. at this point, take the d@mn leg! i could get a prothestic easier than a baby! ;)

  3. HA! As a child, one of my favorite thought games was: would you rather be blind or deaf? I thought about it ALL THE TIME, weighing the pros and cons of each. I am not sure why -- did I think I would really have to choose at some point?
    Infertility vs. amputation is a new one.
    I have had some experience recently with leg injuries (my husband). And I have been become really grateful for the use of two legs.
    And under what circumstances is my leg being amputated? Am I out in a field under no anesthesia? 0r am I in a hospital donating my leg to some higher good? (ha!)

    Assuming that my infertility is just a temporary setback and I can some day have children, I'd definitely pick it.
    But if it's a life without children or a life with a prosthetic leg ... well, that's a little trickier.

  4. HMM. As an enthusiastic in-love distance runner in my past life, that is a toughie. (As an infertile, am I supposed to automatically say yes, take my leg as long as I could then have kids? But I might not be able to run after my toddler or walk upstairs to tuck in my baby...I guess I could always get a prosthetic...) Would my leg be amputated for a reason (injury, disease) or would it just be like, if you didn't have a second leg, you'd be able to have kids?

  5. I hope this isn't something you're considering...

    But I'd go with the infertile bit. Unless you know where I could get a really good prosthetic.

  6. Have a leg amputated, no question.

    Sorry you are still in pain.

  7. I think they both have their challanges but if God said to me "P.J...I'll give you a baby (definitely) if you give me your leg"...I'd probably consider doing it..since having children is all about sacrificing anyway. However...without knowing whether or not I'll have children...I'll keep my two legs and walk or run down the path the good Lord has set before me. I need my two legs to keep on this IF journey. Good question to think about! Blessings.

  8. They make pretty good prosthetics now, so...definitely would have a leg amputated.

    And kids don't care if you only have one leg - they love you anyway.

    (You thinkin about making a deal with the devil? Because the ability to bear children is way better than playing a violin...)


    By the way, there is an organization in Baltimore that deconstructs old buildings and sells the architectural elements (tin ceilings, mantels) and even furniture and lighting, etc.

    It's called Second Chance, Inc. and they have 4 different warehouses full of stuff.

    Just for future reference :).

  9. Y'all are alarmist - I have NOT had a leg amputated and no one has offered to do so in exchange for the ability to bear children. FWIW, I'm not sure I'd take that deal. But I was curious what other people thought.

  10. You can't adopt a leg...so I think I would go with the infertility. However both are painful..

  11. I was thinking about this yesterday. There are some pretty good prosthetics out there these days. I lean toward the leg - but you've got some potential lawyers her thinking very clearly about the fine print :).
    Our own infertility isn't potentially just a stage for us, so I don't have to consider it from that angle. I just think that not being able to have or adopt children is holding us back from living the life we want for ourselves more than the loss of a leg would.

  12. I'd probably take the amputated leg if I was guarunteed to have my fertility resotred. Heck with our adoptions we basically paid an arm and leg and I don't regret that! :)

  13. HAA!! I'm catching up on your blog after my blogging sabbatical, and this post & the comments made me laugh out loud. Thanks for the chuckle!! :)