Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Today is our 4th wedding anniversary. The hpt question, if you're wondering, was mooted when CD1 turned out to be Monday. (That makes my only 25-day cycle on tamoxifen.) I didn't move my consult from Friday (even though that will now be CD5 instead of CD3) because there is only so much I will rearrange my life due to when I get my period (this bar is obviously very low - right where it should be!).

Tonight, to celebrate, we're going to a nearby Afghan restaurant - we have a little tradition of trying a new cuisine each anniversary. I'm looking forward to it, though the special endo abdominal distress that always comes with a new cycle will make it less fun that it otherwise would be.

More exciting is that I finally tracked down the elusive listing agent for house #5, and (assuming there is a realtor in evidence when we arrive) we will see it before dinner. I have my camera with me even as we speak, so I promise there will be pictures!

On a more somber note, my stepmother's father is dying. Yesterday I learned that he had just had a heart attack and his kidneys were failing. He is 80 and has been unwell for several years, and I believe this means the end. He has lived a good long life, but unfortunately was always distant from his children, which hurt some of them a good deal; and I think that mar on their relationship is making this terribly hard for them. (I knew him reasonably well but wasn't close to him. I expect to travel up for the funeral, but I feel that this is a loss for people I care about, rather than a loss for me.)

Moreover, his youngest (who is 40) is to be married this weekend, and I hope the wedding doesn't have to be put off. I don't think he would want it to be either. Please say a prayer for the eternal repose of his soul, and for the comfort of his family.


  1. Happy Anniversary!!! :) Hope the house-viewing is fun!!

    Will keep your step-grandfather in my prayers :)

  2. Joyeux anniversaire de mariage!!!!

    Hmmm, I can't wait to hear about the Afghan restaurant! Please take photos of your meal too!

    Your stepmother's father is in my prayers. I really hope that the wedding doesn't have to be postponed.

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    So you're going back to an unmedicated cycle? Sounds like the right choice - a 25 day cycle on tamoxifen is ridiculous...
    Sorry to hear about your stepmother's father - and I know it is very hard to see the ones you love in pain from losing a loved one.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the house :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you can enjoy that meal without much ado from pelvic pain. Ugh...AF does not care when she arrives, does she? Good luck with the house hunting...can't wait to see the indoor pictures of house #5. seems like that is the favorite huh? Blessings!!!

  5. A NEARBY Afghan restaurant?? Who lives nearby an Afghan restaurant??

    I came over to wish you a Happy Anniversary, since there's really no excuse for me to be forgetting your anniversary date anymore :)
    You'll have to do the survey when you get a chance!

    I'm really sorry to hear about your stepmom's dad. He's in my prayers. Enjoy your meal, tonight- we are making one of the courses from our wedding- pumpkin ravioli! (It's not Afghan, but hey...)

  6. Praying for your step-granddad...

    Happy anniversary! I hope the Afghan food where you are is as good as the restaurant we have here.

    Really excited about the house photos, too. :)

  7. Happy Anniversary and can't wait to hear about your appt. on Friday.

  8. Happy 4th! I hope AF and everything she brings with it didn't keep you from fully enjoying your experience at the restaurant.

    I'm praying for your step-grandfather and his youngest.