Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This actually has nothing to do with real estate. (Back to that in the next post, no doubt.)

And by the way, if the reason for the real estate diversions isn't obvious - besides the fact that it's obviously on my mind recently, I want to be writing about something that's fun and really life, but not how I'm still not pregnant. I don't want to be the other blogger who did not just get a bfp and therefore is too boring and depressing to read. I swear, there's more to life.

Anyway, housekeeping!

(1) -----** is now invite-only. She may or may not choose to invite me and that's just fine, but I'd at least like to ask her and I can't track down her email. Help me out?

(2) I am a very, very bad blogger for not asking this sooner. I was worried as soon as I saw her blog vanish (and right after she posted something apparently lighthearted about vacation too!). Does anyone know where The Angry Infertile has gone? I just want to know that she's OK.

**I am an idiot. I meant Fertile Thoughts. Hers is the blog that appears to be read only. I'm bad with names IRL, and when they're all pseudonyms with no faces (you know, like mine) I can't keep the Fs separate. Sorry about that.


  1. Not sure - haven't followed that blog before. Good for you for talking about things like real estate. Yeah - I find I get tired of hearing myself talk when all I talk about is KuKd.

  2. I do enjoy reading your blogs about your house hunting, etc. It is nice to read something else besides IF stuff...no offense..but I too like to think there's other things to my life, LOL! You are quite detailed in your house hunting excursions(?)...I love it! Maybe you should think about a gig for HGTV. You'd be perfect. I had to go private with my blog too...someone gave me a bad feeling...so we'll see what happens...email me at prayerfuljourney@charter.net and I'll invite you.

  3. Your real estate diversions are quite entertaining. I didn't have any issues clicking on FJIEJ's blog, but her email is her blog name at gmail dot com.

  4. i was looking through the other day and noticed fertile thoughts went private too... not sure what her contact info is, but would like to know too if you find out. i never had read the angry infertile so not too sure about her...

    the real estate reading is fun! ..it is like house hunting and redecorating vicariously:)