Tuesday, August 11, 2009

further decorative items

First of all, I must heap thanks on callmemama for drawing my attention to the auction site rasmus.com (I need a new sub-hobby for a few days, and someday all this browsing will accrue to the benefit of my decor and my budget). It appears to be auctions upon seizure or vacating of business premises - not 100% sure. I've only just started perusing, but so far I've found the entire contents of a fully staged model home on sale (most of the stuff is very trendy/contemporary, but there is one rug I really like, and a Chesterfield-style chair). That auction is Richmond-based, BTW...

There's also an electronics liquidation including two 40" flat-screens for $500-600 (if anyone's in the market). Now I know where I'll go if my DH continues to fuss about needing a scanner.

Participating in one of the auctions is a little psychologically demanding - I took months to stop being frightned of ebay - and I don't actually need large furniture right now, so I will bide my time. But if my copper Chambers stove doesn't work out, I may find a great big old restaurant stove being sold that I would like to take home! (This has long been a notion of mine, and only now do I know where to look.) So definitely something I'm going to get to know better. Though I could do without cleavage chick - seriously, if you're going to show that much of your cleavage (and wouldn't "not" just be better?), you should (a) have a top that doesn't look like an ugly leotard and (b) have better cleavage. Seriously.

Anyway, unable to find new houses for my list (other than one a few miles from us that I found yesterday and got my DH to drive by with me - turns out to be in a questionable neighborhood, as expected), I turn again to shiny objects to put in them. Just in case someone is actually expanding their furniture collection right now (I have an itty-bitty house full, so the temptation would have to be extreme, for me), I shall include purchasing information. (They are all in the DC metro area - the ostensible justification for my doing this as "research.")

First I found not one, but two lovely antique secretaries. This one is a pretty well priced at just $75:

And this one is $200, but has the fabulous built-in cabinets on top (those doors are glass, it says):

I disagree that this design is "very unusual" - I've seen several - but it is the type I'd like to buy for my sewing machine when I have room (it's $75):

I'm probably not going to head out to Annandale to get it, but this $15 antique coal bucket is exactly what I've been looking for to hold my kindling next to the fireplace (yes, I know, wood not coal, whatever, it would work):

Next up, we have an oak pedestal dining table. It's way too expensive at $690, and it annoyingly does not come with the leaves, but it has a rustic-yet-elegant (and very sturdy) aspect to it that I find most intriguing - so I'll have to find its near relative when I do have a dining room that fits a nice long table:

A fully-functioning clawfoot bathtub (looks to be the standard 60") from 1930, for $250 (according to my shopping, one can do better, but not much better):

Apparently this beautiful corner china cabinet is just $100. I want it (but have no place to put it):

This antique walnut dining table kind of blows the other one out of the water (and they're just asking $550 and including leaves!). It was allegedly brought from a European castle - whether this is true I can't say, but it might be too ornate for my future house. It's so pretty, though...

I love depression glass and dessert servers (and, yes, I already have one, but not with the lovely gold edging). This one is just $10:

I think $85 is a pretty good price for a mirror (by normal people standards) even if it weren't antique:

I think $250 is around the going rate for original Hoosier cabinets:

I want this bed frame. It comes as a set with a marble-top dresser (bet it's really a vanity - no picture) for $400:

This pie safe, for $250, is short, with no legs - but it has lovely tin-punching:

This alleged 18th-century cabinet from Portugal is really unusual, but a wee bit pricey at $350:

And I'll round out the antiques-for-sale collection with a grandfather clock for $425 - too rich for my blood, but just lovely:

I also have one or two showrooms. I thought "eclectic" (as decor) meant mixing elements from different periods in a harmonious way, but apparently HGTV uses it in the vernacular, as "funky," because their eclectic bedrooms portfolio was all boringly modern. Also boringly beige, which I thought was really not eclectic. I have somewhat more favorable thoughts about this quasi-canopy, though (ignore the ceiling. For the love of all that's holy, ignore the ceiling):

Now this is eclectic. I'm not doing this in my house, but I love that they did:

Finally, I really like these shades (I know, I have a toile/damask thing going). The curtains are good too:

OK, I think that's enough decor for now. At some point, I have some untethered and meandering spiritual musings about IF or maybe its psychic results, and also why my cycle is psychotic and the tamoxifen is a joke, but I am saving them for when they make more sense, and become more interesting than decor (not by a long shot). Y'all are in my prayers.


  1. When you are done decorating can I come spend the night? I left you a surprise on my blog.

  2. Haha, thought you might like that site :). It is terrifying at first to bid on an item - I was having heart palpitations during my first auction - but it's set up really well so if someone bids at the last minute it extends the auction time by two minutes to allow a counter-bid. I would definitely advise driving to see the items on the days they have them open for inspection. The best purchase we made was 200 sq ft of italian tile for $60, and we are constantly tempted by the restaurant inventories as well :). Happy bidding!

  3. That's a good price on the hoosier cabinet! I'm like a broken record here, but you totally need to rent a van, come out to the Midwest, and clean out our antique stores!

  4. I've nominated you for an award on my blog. :)

    And yes, we should definitely meet up before I leave time. I'm trying to be optimistic about how quickly we can sell...but the reality is that it may take quite a while.

  5. Love this stuff! Wow - I could spend FOREVER looking! Hmmm...I think I should quit my job in PR and look for a job in interier decorating or something like that. So - much - better! Anyway - good luck looking! Love some of the houses below BTW - wrap around porches are amazing!

  6. the china cabinet is $100? buy it. it's so beautiful.

  7. That bed frame is cool.

    I so want a grandfather clock!

  8. My mom used to have a sewing maching cabinet like the one you showed above. I remember playing with it when I was younger. Hmmm...I wonder what happened to it. Actually...my mom tried to give my dh and I this antique looking mirror (the one you showed above looks like it) and we just did not know where it would go in our new house. She gave it to St. Vincen.t De. Paul's thrift store. I sometimes go to the thrift stores and find some antique and unique looking items....somethings I can use...some not. I really like the shades too. They definitely give that extra little something to the decor. Oh yeah..thanks for praying for us. I know I could use all the prayer I can get. Blessings!