Thursday, July 30, 2009

you win some

I just talked to my DH. They gave him the job. They also decided that his salary requirement was too low - and raised it by 10 per cent. He starts Monday.

He had been unemployed almost exactly 6 months.

I'm sort of blown away. I think it happened overnight.

Of course, there are complications. It's not a permanent spot, rather a 12-18 month assignment, but with a high chance of another long-term project after that. I originally thought the office was in Rockville (REALLY close to my house), but it turns out to be in Springfield (really far). On the other hand, he'll be traveling so much (3-4 weeks at a time, every other month) that the location of the office is slightly less important. Naturally, I'm kind of horrified that he'll be traveling this much. I understood there was travel involved, but I didn't understand it would be that long at a time. I hate being home without him.

Would you believe, now that all this has happened suddenly, I'm less sure about the house. If his job were right near it, I might see it as a sign. But as it is, the timing is so short. Tomorrow is the last day of our old lease, and we need to decide whether we want to renew (they sent the forms the day before yesterday). If so, we couldn't move till the end of March. We could ask to go month-to-month, but I think I'm driving my landlord crazy with the negotiations, and it would only be worth the extra expense if we moved well before March. If we wait that long to move, we could lose the house (or find a better one?), we'd probably miss the lower interest rates, and we'd definitely lose the tax credit. On the flip side, every month we wait, we can increase our savings. So the funny thing is, I could badger my landlord to give us a month-to-month, get preapproved in about a week, visit a house or two, and before winter have substantially started on my remodeling plans...but I'll be all by myself so much of the time (arguably an advantage if I'm remodeling). The *idea* sounded so exciting. But now that I could pull it off...

I have a superabundance of opinions, but on this matter I am INCAPABLE OF DECISION.

I would like to point out that I have recognized the hugeness of the fact that since my dh is now within spitting distance of my salary, should there be a need, I could work half time, and we'd still be able to pay for a mortgage and put money in the bank. Not that there could *possibly* be a need for that.

(Would I be doing this if I were holding my first ever positive hpt right now? Yes. Yes, I would.)


  1. Are you serious about the BFP?!? That's great. I don't have any housing advice, but I'm so glad to hear about your husband's new job even if it's temporary.

  2. Say what? Are you really pregnant? Congrats!

  3. I think she was being facetious about the hpt... you were, right??

    But OMG, that is AWESOME about the job and the pay increase!! God is so good!!
    Can't really help ya on the house thing, but I'm sure the right answer will come to you. Just don't stress about it too much, you'll end up making the right decision, I'm sure.

  4. My sarcasm is characteristically opaque. I am most emphatically not pregnant (CD8, actually). I meant merely that I'm a crazy person doing the pros and cons of what unquestionably is a blessing, and would I do that even if I had just found out I were pregnant? And I know that I would. I would start with "wow this is great! So I'm not barren! And I'm going to have a baby!" and move right to "if this had happened five months from now I'd have gotten my next raise and would really be in a better position to negotiate for part-time pay."

    Just in case I'm again being obscure (it's a little late) I want to clarify: I'm NOT pregnant and I have no particular expectation of being so in the foreseeable future. If, despite all reasonable prognostications, I DO become pregnant, I will endeavor to make this entirely clear when I announce it (such as by posting the traditional pee stick photograph).

    Thanks, all, for your kind wishes, and patience with my enduring inability to communicate.

  5. That is such awesome news that your dh got a job! Woohoo...happy dance time!! Praise God. I hope you two are going to celebrate. That will be nice "if the need arises" that you may be able to go part time. I get it. Many blessings.

  6. How far is "really far"? That's wonderful about the job. They're few and far between lately. I'm sorry that it's not close by, though. I woudln't be fond of the travel aspect myself. When my DH is away, I have the cat and dog in the room with me. Well, Sadie's always in the room (Muggles opts to sleep wreak havoc in the basement), but I bring her up on the bed. It's too lonely otherwise.

    I suppose the decision on what to do about the house depends on how your husband feels about the commute. If he doesn't mind the distance, then there's no problem, go for the house; if he does, I'd say some honest discussion is needed.

  7. ;-) Hehe! I had to read that part again to make sure you weren't telling us you were pregnant!

    A HUGE CONGRATS to your DH! I pray that his spirit would be lifted at this good news!! I was wondering (regarding your house versus your renting situation) if you could just sign the normal lease and then break it? We have a townhouse we rent, and the fee to break lease is only 1 month rent... (Not that this is an ideal situation, but if you really think you wanted that house, maybe it is an option you hadn't considered?)

  8. It's so human to look the gift horse--just for one second--in the mouth. Or at least check out his teeth as he smiles at you.

    Here's some unsolicited assvice: You don't want to be moving while pg or otherwise deciding to build a family. You def don't want to be knee-deep in major renovations.

    So if you can afford it, do it now. The lease can always be worked out; in the worst case, you break it and don't get your deposit (though I've had landlords give me my deposit, too, even though I broke my lease) and maybe have to pay an extra month or find a sublease or something. All details that can be worked out, even if they are PITA.

    Just go look at the place, Little Angel/Misfit!!! :) Please? Pretty please?

    Maybe it won't be ideal when you see it in person and the search will continue. (I've been amazed at how real estate photos in listings can be misleading...)Or maybe it will, and you can start plotting how to get that perfect antique stove.

  9. Argh, I'm an idiot. I forget the most important part... CONGRATS to you and your husband!

  10. Hey Misfit - boy, do I understand about the uncertainty and the not loving the husband being away - but perhaps that is the best part of this being a temporary position. Things may have picked up a bit by the time the position ends and then you two can reassess. For now, he has a job, which is huge and you have a horizon. Good stuff all around - so excited for you! No thoughts on rent sorry :(