Friday, July 24, 2009

the verdict; and good things

So yesterday I got my period. I was enthused that, though it was clearly a VL day, by the time I went to bed, it was not spotting. So that's something. (I just went back and read this and noticed that it hadn't even occurred to me to be disappointed that I'm not pregnant. Keep those expectations low.) Also, looking back at my chart, I suppose it's possible that I ovulated several days earlier than I had been guessing - if I ovulated on CD14 (which is arguably supported by my charts, and which is when I think I ovulated last cycle on tamoxifen). In which case, I'd have had a 12-day luteal phase, rather than nine days. Either way I had a 27-day cycle, which is the length of my longest cycles before tamoxifen (but they were inconsistent), and the same length as last cycle.

But, you know what, the CM was just that bad. And it's never been so bad. I'm tempted to call my RE and ask whether I should skip the next cycle just to see whether things would be back to normal off the tamoxifen. But even if the tamoxifen were the cause, surely the amoxicillin and Mucinex would have taken care of it? Would I decrease the likelihood of the tamoxifen working at all, if I didn't allow it to build up in my system (not that it's doing any good now)? Would it stay built up enough in my system that just one month wouldn't teach me anything anyway? Who knows.

More importantly, I met Mrs. A of rememberalltheway for lunch today! Even though I typically got lost and was late (sorry!), it was awesome to meet another blogger (my first!) and of course as everyone will expect, she was super-sweet. Here's a picture of us - to preserve our anonymity, I can't tell you which of us is which.

Maybe more bloggers will be able to get together before the summer is over! I've decided the Richmond girls totally don't count, by the way.

Also, because it just wouldn't be a day without me rambling needlessly about some sort of historic-minded home decoration, here are my latest finds.

On sale for just $150 (no idea whether it works):

So you agree with me, right? The second one is prettier - has more sort of scupltural elements and would work better aesthetically as a freestanding piece, right? (I have the layout for the kitchen totally redone in my head, BTW - inevitably, I was going to spend enough time to figure out how to redo it, before I ever saw it in person. And in my layout, the oven stands slightly on its own, rather than sitting flush with the lower cabinets.)

But the first stove is maybe cuter (is that a crazy distinction?). It's definitely bigger - I think the right upper door is to the oven, and the larger left door is to the broiler (the relative sizes make no sense, but that's what the interior photos seem to show). I know, the first stove looks like the Rachael Ray stove - I watched her show the other day in the middle of my HGTV marathon just to see the stove. Stove #1 seems like a more practical option, and less fragile. But, it's a midcentury thing, right? Somewhere between 1940 and 1960? Which is a little late for the house, and decorating "period" is fine, but decorating in "random old things" would mean I'm soft in the head, right? So I have to use the second one? I mean, or one like it? When this happens?

Oh, on that subject, here's the upshot of my negotiation with my landlord: we re-rent for a year, $25 increase in monthly rent (I know, increasing in this market is stupid, but I suspected they'd be most resistant to debate on this point, and it's so little additional money I really don't care), and with 45 days' notice, we can vacate on March 31 or thereafter; we also have the right to sublet with their approval. This makes it unlikely we could take advantage of the new homebuyers' tax credit, which (as I understand it) requires that you close on a property by November 30, 2009. But, it only gives $1000 in credit per $100,000 in home price, so we'd be eligible for nowhere near the whole $8000 of the credit anyway. (Also, I ask you, who will have less than $150,000 in taxable income for two people, and be buying their first home, and be buying something that costs $800,000? I think the tax credit is substantially fictional. But tax attorneys, feel free to correct me.)

However, I note that despite us agreeing on the terms, my landlord hasn't yet responded to my email asking them to email me the papers to sign. And the other day my DH got a call from a job he'd forgotten he applied for - they liked his resume and want him to interview on Tuesday. It involves a lot of travel, which I don't necessarily like, but it's a 12-18 month assignment, and the travel would be good to have on his resume for the long-term career path he really wants (and, that might be a good amount of time in which to work on snagging that job). He's unclear on the details so far, but the job might actually be pretty close to my house. I told him that if he traveled a lot, he should expect to come home at some point and discover that I had bought a house. He said that was fair. I am breaking him in...

So (I will blame this episode of madness on the menstruation hormone crash, 'k? Good.) what if they don't get back to us with the lease terms until after the 31st, so we have to pay August rent as month-to-month? And then he lands this job right away - like next week? And (this isn't an if, if the other things happen), I immediately call every mortgage lender in the United States in a frenzied rush to find someone who wants to give me a mortgage for under 5%? (Since the DH is an army vet, this is not as impossible as it sounds, even though we don't have a 20% down payment.) And then I immediately schedule a showing of the house (I would do this immediately too), and of course I would love it even more in person (and bring a tape measure to check on all my home decoration ideas!), and then write a crazy lowball offer, and get it accepted, and the home inspection would go really well, and I wouldn't have to renew my lease at all and in five weeks we would have two incomes again and I would own a home and I would get a few thousand dollars in tax credit?

That could happen, right?


  1. i'm glad to hear that you weren't too upset by the arrival of AF. it's crazy that some of us are "good" at being IF!

    personally i prefer the first stove. it does remind me of the rachael ray's and i like the symmetry of the design.

    and yes, you're right. your real estate dream can happen. i dream that i will find my perfect detached house in my neighbourhood without having to spend $500 000 with no big renos to do. i can dream too, right?

  2. i am so glad you found that picture of us! :) it was so fun to meet you, too! i hope you're having fun with DH this weekend, despite AF!! :)

  3. Um, it *could*... Why the hell not? Ah, just go ahead and take a look at the house!!! And take lots of pictures for your vicariously househunting bloggy buddies!

    Is IUI totally off limits for you? It seemed from what I read (very briefly) online that it's kind of up in the air, and that the Church hasn't ruled whether it's licit or not. Anyway, that would be one way to get around the torturous CM issue...Make it irrelevant. But I understand that that may not be possible or desirable.

  4. and yes, my surgery date is aug 4th. i'm looking forward to the l.upron wearing off. it hasn't been a fun three months!

  5. I love meeting a bloggy buddy in read life!!!

  6. I just added Fertile CM to the mix this cycle, and I had 1 day, 1 instance of the most beautiful EWCM I've ever seen... liquidy, crystal clear, perfect. AND, I also bought some Pre-Seed, which is great because you don't even need your own CM if you use pre-seed! I wasn't joking around this cycle.

    You can buy pre-seed (and Fertile CM) online, by the way.

    Praise God for the interview!! And the renting situation (possibly able to sublet- that is SWEET!! More income!!)

    I'm dying to know if you are Peppermint Patty or Marcy... darn, I guess I'll just have to plan to meet you in person some day to find out. Well, let me know if you ever come up to NY/NJ!

  7. I like the historic stove photos. And a get-together with fellow bloggers sounds sooo fun! I wanna come!

  8. Congratulations on maintaining low expectations! No small feat. I see you as a Peppermint Patty type. Don't know why. Oh, and I like the first stove better. Just my personal opinion. Maybe it's not from the same time period as the house, but it has a certain quality about it. Get what you like and create you own ecclectic, timeless style in the kitchen

  9. It is fun to meet a blogger IRL. I have met two. I like the first stove best as well.

  10. I really hope your real estate/job dream comes true. I prefer the copper stove in the next post.