Sunday, July 19, 2009

travels with charlottesville

So nobody needs an update on my mundane life, but I had to share. I did the drive to Charlottesville in the last two hours of daylight, so I got a great view of the three beautiful layers of mountains to the West, and a bit of local color.

In (I think) the town of Gainesville (or was it Gainesboro??), where Route 15 joins Route 29, there was a place called the Blue Ridge Seafood Restaurant. Really small-town-y. We're a little inland, but so far, I'm on board. But the sign out front said..."We have crabs." At first I thought that was a hoot, and then I thought, "Am I being unfair? I mean, is that the most natural way to say that, and it just has a second meaning?"

So I did a wee mental exercise. Suppose I'm a seafood restaurant, and I want my potential customers to know I'm offering in-season fresh lobster...what do I put on the sign? Serving lobster...we serve lobster...fresh lobster!...lobster dinner...hmm, "We have lobster" doesn't make the list. So, apparently somebody in semi-rural northern Virginia has crabs. Sadly, my shutter-finger wasn't fast enough to get a pic to share with you all.

Anyway, other highlights awaited. Right near my hotel was a Kroger! For y'all in other areas, that's a midwestern grocery store chain centered in Cincinnati. On the west coast, it flies under the alias of Ralph's. But I had no idea they had them in Virginia - I haven't seen one since we left Michigan. I think my Kroger card number should still work - I get to get my groceries for the week or two at an old familiar! And, there are several antique stores a few miles from the hotel. I shall have to visit...maybe they sell actual diamond-in-the-rough antiques, rather than worn and faded pieces from the 1980s marked at double the original selling price. (Annandale Salvation Army, are you listening?)

I'm also still up to my old tricks with regard to hypothetical home redecorations. I figured I'd take a quick peek at what's on Craig's List here in Charlottesville. So this is a little pricey ($750), but look at all the stuff! It's got a big oven, and a separate broiler, and a griddle thing, and it's older, and it's commercial-grade...I need to find me one of these around where I live. For a bit less. Um, after I buy this house...


  1. Your imaginary house shopping is cracking me up. But not quite as much as "we have crabs." I love Charlottesville -- I hope you enjoy it!
    Oh, and I did not realize Kroger is a midwestern chain. They are in SC too, though I've never seen one around DC. In SC, Kroger is one of the "fancy" grocery stores.

  2. Glad you arrived safely! Enjoy your time in C-ville. Hopefully we can make plans to meet up once we're both back in town.

  3. I actually live about 3 miles from a Kro.ger myself...we shop there quite a bit. I never heard of Kroger until I moved out this way...a little (but really growing) rural town in Northern Ill. I think it's absolutely lovely that you are antique shopping for a house you may own one day. What a nice way to spend some time! I can't say I fancy antique items...I'm more of a it has to be new type of girl. Someday you will own that perfect house for those antiques you are finding! I know it. Hope your travels go well too. :) Blessings.

  4. First off, I do need updates on your mundane life, because my life is that much more mundane.
    This house waiting is really building (no pun intended). When you announce that you actually bought a house I'll be almost as excited as if you were announcing a pregnancy. Almost.
    And I think your crazy to be considering an antique stove. See, I love the IDEA of having something like that, but then I'd never actually do the extra work of finding something that would, well, work. But you're clearly a lot less lazy than I am (you know, you went to law school and all).

  5. That oven is for sale? I never would have thought someone could put something like that on Craig's list. I guess anything goes!

    Gotta love Kroger! I'm more of a Ukrops fan, but there is one right around the corner that I go to every now and then.

    Have fun in Charlottesville! :)

  6. Funny! You drove to C'Ville the same day I flew out from C'Ville airport. I love the town because I'm a Wahoo, but it does have a lot to offer non-alumni as well. There are some great restaurants. One of my favorites is Michael's Bistro on "The Corner" by U.Va. and you need to try Bodo's bagels and Arch's frozen yogurt while you're there. Have fun :)