Friday, June 19, 2009


Last Saturday, we went to dinner at the home of some friends who have two small ones and one on the way. They scheduled dinner to start at 5. I've never heard of dinner around here starting earlier than 7, and sometimes 8 or 9. In retrospect, it would have been easier for everyone if they had had people arrive after bedtime, rather than before. Among other issues, their 3yo spend the evening coughing, each time reminded "Cover your mouth!" It didn't take.

Fast-forward to Monday work I can tell my throat feels funny but neglect to start swilling tea. By evening I am clearly sick. I rustled up enough medication to attend a two-day conference without sneezing or coughing on anyone, barely. Of course by Tuesday my husband is sick. We now live in the quarantine residence, and I don't believe it's flu season. Of course, DH is melodramatic: he has decided we have the swine flu. Sigh.

You know what else is unfortunate? While I hauled myself out of bed last Saturday to take my temperature at 7:30 (my usual time - and it was still low, 97.8), I forgot to do so Sunday, and then Monday I brought the thermometer with me into the bathroom but then forgot to use it until I got out of the shower! At that point I didn't even bother - that's not a waking temp. Of course Tuesday morning it was 99.6 - not exactly an ovulation-related spike!

So not only did I have no reliable or even remotely sane CM (admittedly, all even faintest signs of slippery eventually vanished, which is sort of reassuring, I guess), I didn't have any temperatures to go on for when peak day was, because it was due somewhere in the five-day period during which I either forgot to test or had a fever. And I had a requisition for a p+7 draw. I finally decided that I would just assume that ovulation day was peak day and ovulation day was seven days after I stopped taking the tamoxifen. So this morning I went in and had my blood drawn. I waited until I got a waking temp that looked post-ovulatory (98.3 - check), and then a non-feverish daytime temp (98.7 - check).

So I did indeed ovulate, and somewhere in the vicinity of on time. I tell you what, my body is stubborn. It takes abuse, and bits of it disintegrate totally at the edges. But it continues to slog along on its little menstrual hamster wheel, essential systems and organs all the while falling to the left and right. It's going to march itself right into oblivion. Maybe it would enjoy a break from regular menstruation, while it got its spiritual, er, corporal house in order and prepared itself to have, well, whatever normal hormone levels would be for me. (I still don't understand how I could have normal progesterone levels! There must be some mistake.)

Despite feeling like a total dud today (my day off), I did drag myself around to accomplish some things - a load of laundry, mostly weeded my garden, the grocery shopping, bought needed accoutrements for my car, went to two thrift stores to look for used TVs (ours went nuts the other day), the post office, the bank, and bleached the shower curtains and the shower itself. That leaves the rest of the bathroom, all the sweeping, and straightening a room or two tomorrow before I feel as though humans may view my home, which I consider a pretty big achievement for an invalid. Next frontier: I may actually get some exercise again for the first time in, approximately, eternity.

The good news, sort of, is that I have spent the entire first week of what would I suppose have been a 2ww mad, unclear where I am in my cycle, or distracted by illness. This next week, I am just waiting for my period (and my consult on the 29th to find out what the heck is up with my reproductive system), so there's really no w-ing. If I somehow wind up with a BFP, you watch, I am going to name that child Irony.


  1. Good luck with a BFP!!

    Yeah, it's always weird to us when our friends with kids want to eat at 5 and then they're gone by 8 and we're like 'well now what do we do the rest of the night?'

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  3. LOL at 'Irony.' That would be great.

  4. Oh, forgot to say I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm actually nervous about swine flu, since the forecast in my area is that the majority of people will get it before it goes away.

  5. Ugh, being sick like that is so miserable. DH and I rode in a car 9 hrs up to NY with our friends and their then-14 month old last fall. She obviously was sick and getting worse (don't know why they still insisted on going on the trip), and sure enough as soon as we got home after that weekend I got horribly sick with whatever she had.
    I've been there a couple times with the temperature taking. It's crazy that missing just one or two temps can have such a huge effect. Glad that you're already through the first week of the 2ww though :). That's gotta count for something!

  6. Ugh! Being sick is no fun. No fun at all!

    Hope you're feeling a bit better by now.