Saturday, April 18, 2009

wellsphere invitation - your thoughts??

I just received (well, just opened - I'm constantly forgetting to check my associated email) an invitation to join, in their "Pregnancy and Fertility Community" - in the antonyms section of the thesaurus, I'm thinking. Apparently, what this entails is that my content will be republished on their site in various places (I maintain the rights to it), and I get a cool badge for my blog that says I participate (that sounds like fun). I don't know if there's anything else they would want me to do, or whether it's OK that I remain anonymous - I have written back to ask.

I take the invitation as a huge compliment. Among other things, I was apparently chosen based on the frequency of my posts and the quality of my writing (!). I guess the fact that I can't shut up and neurotically re-edit the content of posts if I didn't express things quite right is a benefit in some contexts! (Note: that's why, if you ever go nuts and read a post twice, you may notice that the wording shifts a little in the first day or two. That doesn't explain anything about why my posts still may make no sense, though...)

Anyway, my question for anyone reading is this: what do you think? Obviously it would mean increased exposure, but how much is too much? Will I draw unsightly trolls? (I already moderate comments, so that might not be such a burden.) Has anyone else done this or a similar forum? What did you think?

Thanks in advance for all shared wisdom!


  1. Hey! Thanks for checking in on me during my disappearance from blogland. It's nice to be back!

    I haven't heard of that wellsphere thing, but it sounds interesting! I think you should take it as a compliment! Will be interested to see what other say...

    Christina from unquestionablelove

  2. That sounds amazing. You should ask them how much more exposure you think you will be getting.

  3. How exciting. :-) That does sound like a huge compliment. What a wonderful way to share your thoughts with so many more people. They'd be lucky to have you! Good luck- can't wait for an update if you do it.

  4. Neat! I would ask them if you could have a trial period or something to see if you like any extra exposure or "visitors" that come along with that. Congrats!

  5. I've never heard of Wellsphere either, I'm curious to see how things turn out.

  6. i got the same invitation (as well as a few others on my blogroll). i've been invited to join similar online groups, but i haven't been tempted.

    i did take it as a compliment, but i'm passing on the invitation. i want my blog to reach certain people, not a mass audience. i like that i find people in the bloggosphere through others as well as fate.

    with that being said, go for it if it interests you! it does sound like a great opportunity.

  7. Honestly (and I hate to rain on the parade) but there are too many organizations out there that try to make money off of your work. Keep your writings your own, or they'll get taken away from you!