Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ancient History

surgery; goodbye to uterine polyp, five cysts, cervical dysplasia, and most of the adhesions - start one more year (HA!) ttc before I quit forever
first appt with endocrinologist, whom I fired when she wouldn't prescribe natural thyroid (just b/c TSH = 1.48 does NOT mean I'm fine!)
quit tamoxifen after 3 cycles and schedule surgery
thyroid panel results - hypothyroidism, but no Hashimoto's

first tamoxifen follow-up appointment

second RE consult

sono-hysterogram (small non-vascular polyp low in my ute where the RE says implantation usually doesn't occur)

colposcopy (no cancer, maybe surgery later)

HSG (one tube open, one ambiguous, mysterious uterine shadow - told to schedule sono-hysterogram to see)
FSH tested; 9.0

first RE consult; told to have SA, HSG; estradiol, FSH, and progesterone tests, & make next RE appt for six weeks ahead

pap results: CIN2-CIN3 (but neg for HPV!); probably carcinoma in situ; told to schedule colposcopy

annual exam; pap smear and the works

"annual" exam; right ovary's cyst hasn't grown, but now 2.5cm cyst on left ovary; pap results come back ASCUS but no further testing (to be continued...)

second FSH test; 9.8. OB/GYN concludes misfit clomid-resistant, refers her to clinic but misfit decides she hates specialist, vows revenge on doctors: she will not call - anybody

FSH blood draw; 10.0!


annual exam - still no baby, sent for FSH tests. ultrasounds show right cyst now 3cm diameter

annual exam. ALREADY new cyst on right ovary - 2.5cm diameter (ultrasound also happens to show that misfit has dominant follicle. excellent!). also, misfit gets ahead of herself and requests clomid. OB/GYN says too early, but will diagnose misfit as IF at just 6 mos., given history

married; ttc right away (with three-month break to NFP starting about 11/05)

certifiable insanity in week of come-down from lupron; misfit rebels, does not go back for next lupron shot (to be continued)

10+ days of brown spotting with period; hereafter, light periods with more brown spotting than red blood (never previously)

in spite of repeated bouts of insanity, future DH proposes to misfit; misfit accepts

first three-month lupron shot; certifiable insanity in week shot kicks in; $300+ out of misfit's meager law student budget; and hot flashes for three months

and, rocky patch with future DH convinces misfit the relationship is really over, this time. misfit prays novena to St. Jude but says nothing; during novena (unbeknownst to misfit) future DH buys engagement ring

second occasion of stomach pains (not cramps) in a week; misfit asks future DH to take her to hospital, where after 4 hours they diagnose appendicitis - but then scans show endometrioma the size of an orange! triple-header surgery at 6AM: appendectomy, cystectomy, and the one where they take out the adhesions (or some of them). right ovary scarred into oblivion; adhesions on bladder cannot be removed; scarring on bowel portends digestive trouble in misfit's future (or present). MEAN doctor tells misfit her endo is ten years advanced (she is 22); suggests endo is misfit's fault. misfit knows better, but ultimately decides to do six-month regimen of lupron
blissful innocence

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