Thursday, April 9, 2009

new life

These pictures are actually from Sunday. But, as they clearly demonstrate, at least the seeds I planted inside are germinating fruitfully (or vegetablefully). I have somewhat diminished hope that the outdoor seeds will germinate ever, but at least, if they don't, I can plant more. Meanwhile, indoors in the big pots, the basil are outpacing the rosmary. Here's a closeup in which you can see a bunch of (itty) basil shoots:

In the muffin tins in which I temporarily planted the eggplant and peppers, the eggplant seem to be winning. Here's the biggest of the bunch (as of Sunday):

Also, I have to issue a retraction about my daffodils. I do have three colors, but they actually are: (1) bright yellow/bright yellow (the kind you're used to seeing); (2) light yellow/bright yellow trumpets (the kind you may have seen, but less often); and (3) white/white. Seriously - lily-white. Don't believe me? Today, I figured out what camera setting doesn't wash them out (that would be "landscape"):

And lest you become too impressed with my exotic daffodil colors, my next-door-neighbor the gardener has all of these colors, PLUS light yellow with orange-edged trumpets, and white with orange-edged trumpets. I kid you not - daffodils come in these colors. This isn't one of his, but here's a picture from teh interets to prove it:

(Actually, in looking for that last photo, I discovered that there are far more varieties of daffodils than I had realized.)

Also, I had my first blood draw today. I realized just two days ago that CD3 was fast approaching, but where I might previously have thrown my hands up in despair, I was good - yesterday I made phone calls, found the nearest lab, called to get their hours and insurance status, and called the insurance company to check my coverage. I didn't want to take time off, remember, but I didn't have to - they open at 6:30. I walked in at 7, did my paperwork immediately, walked right into a room, waited three minutes, was VICIOUSLY STABBED WITH A NEEDLE, and walked out about 35 minutes after I walked in. There was ample parking. The lab was easy to find. They had free water (very necessary). The parking garage even takes credit cards. I could do this more often.

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  1. Yeah for sprouting seeds! You'll have to keep updating about your rosemary and how it does. I've never started it from seed, and I'm curious to see what happens.

    Also good news on your cycle start. I'm glad it wasn't as annoying as you were anticipating.