Tuesday, April 21, 2009

in which God laughs

Random points...

Blissfully Unaware

This is the "Week of the Young Child." I know, because I work in a building beset by glossy advertisements of the most mind-numbingly trivial bureaucratic inanities (that sounds redundant, but it's actually not redundant enough). I should learn to get to my office with dark glasses and a cane, because my IQ is dropping every time I walk through the main hallways.

Anyway, apparently we need to "raise awareness" regarding young children and their needs. Really? Given the average level of parenting skills these days, I find it a trifle difficult to be unaware of young children whenever they are present (of course, some families are notable exceptions to this trend, and they deserve commendation). If you feel that your awareness of young children is somehow lacking, but could be enhanced by idiotic knick-knackery, the National Association for the Education of Young Children would be happy to sell you one of these. You know you want one.

Uterine Shadow

I just got a call from my clinic. (You know how I said I kind of didn't like them? I spoke hastily. I like them a lot. THEY CALLED ME.) Apparently, the lab that did my HSG has already sent my results (I am impressed with all of these people). Upon closer inspection, the images still show that an area in my uterus "failed to fill properly" with the radioactive dye. Therefore, they recommend a sono-hysterogram (did I get a test nobody else has had yet? Do I get a prize?!?!).

That will be performed at the same lab that did the HSG. My RE has already made out the order and will drop it in the mail today, so I can call the lab and ask all my questions about insurance coverage and scheduling when I get it. Apparently, these things are done in the week after your period is over (~CD6-13), and I'm somewhere around CD14, so I have to wait for the next cycle; even if I can get it done before my 5/15 RE consult, the results still won't be in in time. But the RE is already sending the order! She could have waited till I saw her, and added a month to this leg of the journey. Did I mention how I like these people?

I'm a Tease

I am. Because here's the point of my cute little post title. I asked everyone to pray that the uterine shadow would be absolutely nothing on closer inspection - without requiring more tests. But I appreciate your wise and kind advice that getting the testing done and maybe fibroids/polyps removed soonest was best. Prayers were not answered on that score, since I need the test (but I appreciate them anyway!).

Because...you know how my FSH was 10.0 and 9.8 in late 2006 (when I was twenty-four)? OK, it's on my sidebar now (or linked from there, actually - I've been doing some blog housekeeping!), so you can pretend you know.

Well, in mid-2009, it's 9.0. Go ahead, read that again. 9.0. If you're not sufficiently obsessed with hormone levels to know off the top of your head, that is in the N*O*R*M*A*L range. And I've read a bit about FSH now - if it's tested the same twice, it does not drop. I would never have dared ask for prayers for anything that huge. It didn't occur to me even to hope - I was just hoping it hadn't spiked to 30.

Thank you, thank you for your prayers. Somewhere up there, God is elbowing St. Peter in the ribs. "Did you see her face?"


  1. I was completely oblivious to the existence of small children until I read your post today. (no charge for the sarcasm).

  2. hahahaha!

    Seriously! I think I am in love with your celebrate children and the Guera's post. Cracking myself up over here!

    Cookin' Naked Style so cute, you can't resist! (Cook naked the new lingerie!) hahahaha! I just remember the first time I actually put on an apron that wasn't boring, I felt sexy! ;) Or maybe that is just me! I never used to wear them, now I wear them daily! :)

    They are taking me a little longer then anticipated. But they are slowly sewing together! ;)

    Please show me a picture of your singer. OMG! I love old sewing machines. I have a couple old ones I picked up from the thrift store! :) Not that pretty though!

    This computerized sewing machine is WAY more accurate then my old machines. So seriously, it is giving me just a tad more of a headache. I am really having to exercise patience with it. I am in control of the machine, right that is what I like to think. But it is the other way around. The machine controls me.

    I surrender already. :)

  3. Sorry the results weren't what you thought. I've had that sono procedure. Wasn't that bad. That does stink that they couldn't have told you earlier though for scheduling reasons. Doctors might be book smart but sure are not common sense smart.

  4. There is always a need more and more tests -- I've come to expect that when I go to the doctors office. I swear those doctors will nickel and dime you on every end. This is why I'm on strike from the doctors at this very moment.

    I hope everything turns out well for you. :)

  5. Thanks for the submission today...you were totally reading my mind. I thought it but didn't write it. Glad you did!

  6. Really? Week of the Young Child?! Maybe you should put up a poster for Nat'l Infertility Awareness week (end of this month)!!!

    I am so happy about your doctor's office being so responsive!! I know that's such a relief...I have heard that test is similar to the HSG, except they use saline and are mostly looking at the uterus, and that people's experiences are similar, too (some people feel like it is really painful and others feel it is totally not...I hope you feel the latter!).

    So cool about the normal FSH!! I can totally see God loving your facial expression when you found out!!

  7. Yes they like to laugh at plans up there, don't they? :)

    The sono thing is a breeze. You can do it in your sleep, and it could be a blessing in the end. And regarding FSH, word has it that it's not a good indicator of egg quantity/quality before 35. But it's still great that it's not as uh-oh high.

    Those guys up there may still have a few gags and a few brilliant surprises in store, but I have faith things will work out for you and you'll find your happiness. But then again, dear, I am a Midwesterner, with grim optimism coursing through my veins... :)