Wednesday, April 29, 2009

coupla things

A la Yaya - fragments:

I appreciated all the responses to my undirected musings about the IF-post-baby blogging phenom. Welcome further wisdom.

My dear, sweet husband took my baby seedlings (the eggplant and the peppers) outside yesterday to be in the sun because it was so warm, when I wasn't home, without being asked. Then, as they started drying, he watered them TWICE. (I water them every other day.) I didn't even know any of this. But he left them out all night, and they lost every drop of water, and 90% of them died. I am heartbroken. I have NO idea why this upsets me so much, other than the possibility that my lovely (potential future) garden will not rebound, and the PMS. If you have so little to pray for that you would pray for my garden, I would be grateful. I have been. (I can't pray for babies...but I have unshakable faith that God will answer prayers for the health of my eggplant! I may need professional help.)

I love lolz, and I love sharing lolz, and though, like most infertiles, I can make ANYTHING about infertility, when I read the lolz, I still look for things that are apt. Today, the heavens smiled upon me.

I find this BEYOND HILARIOUS. The pinata is demonstrating about the attitude I usually have.

And hopefully, that is the verdict I will get when I have my sono-hysterogram. Which I have not scheduled yet - apparently I can't just do it on my next day off (wrong time in the cycle), so I will have to take a few hours of sick leave, so I will have to come up with an alternative to explaining to my boss that someone is going to shoot saline into my womb and take pictures. Also, if my cervix hurts afterward, I'm going to be cranky with my male colleagues. It's just a fact of life.

And, I still haven't worked out the SA thing, but I do have two voicemails to listen to from closer-by clinics calling me back about their hours. So that's progress. Except I loathe voicemail.


  1. Hilarious! I was telling one IF one day, IF is like taking it in the butt without vaseline. I don't know what it is like to take it in the butt. But if I had to imagine, it would be like this ;)

  2. best LOL evah! sorry to hear about your seedlings :( Hope at least some rebound!

  3. Just ran across your blog last night - I like it.

    Said a prayer for your garden: that must be very disheartening!

    LMAO over the polyps pic. And good luck with the SHG - I know everyone's experience with it is different, but if it helps, I didn't feel much during mine.

  4. I saw that pic recently, too, and nearly peed my pants chortling.

    By the way, re: our farm, I meant "fly" as in "dope, fresh, cool." We already have a fly farm set up: It's in our garage. Sorry, TMI.

    Eggplants can be so delicate sometimes. Maybe it was a touch too cold for them last night? They may still perk up, with some warm sun and gentle watering. But I know the sadness that comes from hurting living things. I get really down when I do something that makes my plants suffer.

  5. I hope your seeds rejuvenate themselves! I did that to my parsley seedlings, and sadly, they have not bounced back...

    Any luck scheduling the SA or the SHG? Hoping for smooth sailing in this regard!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog, and the great tip on the sewing table! By the way, I planted eggplants last year, and they struggled so badly with our back and forth weather...they seem to be really sensitive. They got pretty big and then just shriveled when we had little heat blast. I was so sad!
    And that picture is HILARIOUS!

  7. I hope all goes well with your sono-hysterogram. When I was going to the doctor on a bi-weekly basis, I just told my boss that I was having "woman issues" usually that works (especially if your boss is a male). I pretty much got a free pass after that.

  8. Great LOLZ.

    Just tell your boss you have a physical or dentist or something.

    Sorry I didn't not do my fragments this week. :(