Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christus resurrexit!

Vere resurrexit!

There are few things that I love as I love Easter Vigil Mass - a pitch-dark church full of people waiting in anticipation and maybe just a little unease, lit startlingly by a fire and strident words from behind; the flickering light, faint at first, slowly growing up the rows of the congregation until it illumines the entire church even with the lights off; and everyone's voice straining upward as they sing to triumphal music, "Alleluia!" - the word forbidden for forty days. Magnificent.

So I want to wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter - enjoy your jelly beans and peeps, your smacznego jajka, your hot cross buns, Easter egg hunt, hidden baskets, roast, or whatever warms your heart. As a pastor dear to my heart said in his Easter homily some years ago now, "Today is a day when we can be a little smug in the face of sin," and death, and all the sufferings that weaken us.

P.S. I need to issue another retraction - guess whose "irises" opened just in time for Easter?


  1. Happy Easter to you, too, Madame Misfit! May hope and bounty spring forth, along with your "irises". :)

    Mmm... hot cross buns. That brings back memories.