Thursday, April 23, 2009

also just for Sew

I feel a bit silly writing a note to ONE other blogger on my blog, but here goes...

Sew! What happened! First I get an email that you've gone invite-only. I immediately emailed to ask why you were robbing the wide internets of your hilarious brand of insanity - a national tragedy! And then YOUR MINDSPRING EMAIL BOUNCED! I already typed this comment once; the first time, I asked, will this comment post? (Answer: NO!) I went back to my gmail and "accepted" your invitation. Then I went to type the comment again. It says that only team members may comment on this blog, and I'm not a team member (what it said last time, but I thought accepting would change that). I can't complain, I have my own blog, I don't need to post content on yours, but if your blog is closed, your email is down, and you don't accept comments even of INVITED readers...what gives?

I mean, I could fill up any amount of airspace with my opinions, so maybe they're worthy of restriction.

On the other hand, I have reflected on the anonymity/comment moderation/trolls/invite-only ideas now and again of late. My IRL acquaintance who identify the state they live in and the first name of all nuclear family members, and post multiple photographs of mom, dad, and all children, often go invite-only after a few months (so, it turned out that showing off pictures of your priceless baby was not a cure-all for the fact that the world is full of sickos. I've worked in criminal prosecution, and I need to tell you, TAKE SE.X.UAL PRE.DATORS SERIOUSLY).

I have been what I think is fairly studious about preserving my secret identity (mwahahahaha). Sometimes I feel silly, because I won't post a picture of my face and I like seeing other people's faces and having connect to the...hormone testing results? Whatever, you know what I mean. But then I see someone else get into a snag and I realize that I shall have to retain my secrecy vigilantly if I want to stay in this cute little space (and I've redecorated - OK, minimalism, whatever - but I like it here now) and not have to do some overhauling or face some interference in my life.

BUT STILL. SEW. I don't send email viruses or po.rn or anything. I'm actually NICE! I mean, on here. Most of the time. I think.

Well, I guess I can't be everybody's friend :(.


  1. Well that stinks!

  2. Hi,
    Sew actually has a great reason for blocking her blog...but I wanted to let you know I had the exact same problem trying to respond to her email and post a comment on her blog. I don't know why it's doing that (team members only) but I am sure if she emailed you then she definitely wants you to see her blog :) Hope this helps,

  3. Ugg!!!! What a crazy mess! I unintentionally blocked my blog while messing around with it and then the whole system went in uproar! :)

    I couldn't get it unblocked and then my email box flooded, and well now here I am!

    Thanks for checking on me! ;) I'm back!

  4. Apologies to Sew. I was surprised you hadn't posted an explanation about why you went invite-only - of course, it makes perfect sense that you blocked your blog by ACCIDENT. Let me know how you did that so I can avoid it in the future...I would.