Thursday, March 12, 2009

my actual flowers

Every time I open my blog (to see what's new in other people's posts - I use my blogroll as a reading list), I am delighted to see that dark purple crocus at the tippy-top. Full disclosure: it isn't my purple crocus, and its predecessors were not mine either. I thought the photography was too good for anyone to think I had taken the pictures, although the flowers did look identical and even the surroundings were the same (dead leaves and mulch).

So I resolved that as long as there were subjects available (that related to my posting), I would add lovely flower pictures to my posts, to make other people smile, in case anybody else's brain works the same way.

And all this is better, because today I got my first digital camera. It came in the mail. The DH has been pesting about how we need one for a while, but I just can't justify spending so much money on anything that's not a necessity. But then I had to spend my credit card rewards points, and I found this thing that reviewed well and had aaaall the features I had decided I needed, and then it came in just two days, and yes, this is materialistic, and even if I didn't believe in a next world, I am way too old for this, but can I tell you how having an adorable shiny toy to play with has lightened my mood? I can't. It's that much.

So anyway, I made myself be good and go to Mass before I tried it out, so it was dark when I got home, but I decided to photograph my garden anyway. And I think it even worked (yay camera!). Check this out:

There will be more garden pictures as there are more blooms (this is already one of several, but it was the widest open when I besieged them photographically). Oh, also, in defense of the powers of my camera - this picture posted on the "small" setting. The "large" version wouldn't load.

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