Saturday, March 7, 2009

more good things

Today the day is GLORIOUS. It's going to be over SEVENTY within hours, and I am going to get myself outside to run around.

Although I didn't know this when I planted my lavender bushes in front of the porch late last summer when we moved in, apparently our garden area, and around one of the trees, has spring bulbs - because it's studded with daffodil and iris shoots! Even more exciting - yesterday I was examining this area closely and discovered that we have THE FIRST FLOWERS OF SPRING! I had never seen this particular flower before, but some odd impulse suggested to me that they were crocuses (maybe because I've heard those are spring flowers), and sure enough, they are! There are purple ones in front of the house and yellow ones around one of the trees.

My DH just discovered that a popular trail starts right near our house. I had gotten bored with my running (and I feel old and slow), but there is a nice trail, and there's pretty water, and I went running there yesterday and plan to do so again today and Sunday.

I am planning to clean my house - for real, this time. For the sake of my own accountability, I will note here that that requires the following: (1) wash remaining dishes. (2) clean counters. (3) sweep bedroom and laundry room. (4) wash kitchen floor. Maybe living room too. (5) do load of laundry. (6) meditate on eggplant on the bottom of the oven.

A coworker (not in my exact office) is 8 1/2 months along and there was an office shower for her the other day. I first heard of it three minutes before it started, and duly marched upstairs to a break room where they had done a lovely job with the decorations and the snacks. The gal in the office next to mine, who is a few years older than I am but married January 08, mentioned that she'd like to have kids but is waiting till she gets in a little better shape (I wanted to tell her not to wait, but I kept quiet). Then she asked me whether we were interested in having kids soon. Maybe she did it in a specially non-invasive manner, but I just responded that we had been happy to have kids since law school, but it just hadn't happened yet, and I figured I would see a doctor in case there was some medicine I needed to take. And she nodded as if that made sense. It wasn't so bad at all. Maybe this isn't so terrible...

Although my Monday annual exam was postponed due to the snowstorm, they were kind enough to reschedule it for Friday (yesterday), my day off. All went well - have you ever had a totally painless PAP smear? Seriously. My specialist appointment is in three weeks or so. We'll see how that goes. I'm accumulating more and more endo symptoms (BAD), but I'm behaving and getting myself to the doctor. What I really want is to see an end to all this - not a baby (that would be fine also), but a resolution. No more waiting and uncertainty. A simple, straightforward, rest of my life. And maybe that will happen.

More amusing lolz - again apropos (and because I have to show off, these look like pure-bred Abyssinians to me):


  1. Crocus! They're all over our yard now, and it gives me such pleasure. Go run and frolic in the lovely spring air!

  2. Glad you got your PAP rescheduled quickly and that it was painless. Your flowers sound beautiful, I'm so happy spring is on it's way! Good luck with the RE appointment!