Monday, March 2, 2009

good things

I know I've been depressing recently. But though many of my thoughts have been serious, I want to insure all the internets out there that I'm not depressed. I'm still planning to do a yoga video* and make a big pot of soup tonight, AND do the sweeping and clean the bathroom, and those are all good things (er, having a clean house, not cleaning it).

So I wanted to share some things I am enjoying. First of all, I love lolcats. I love cats, actually; my dear husband, the smoker, will predecease me by a decade if not far longer, and as I am totally unallergic to cats, dogs, or any other mammal (in fact, fleas do not bite me - although mosquitoes snack on me gluttonously. This is true), I am definitely going to be a Crazy Cat Lady. I'll write a heady intellectual column for some esoteric publication, giving the impression that I am a cosmopolitan creature, meanwhile living off finger sandwiches and hot chocolate in a decrepit Victorian mansion with many many cats, in a small village a few blocks from the library.

And - remember there was a snowstorm on the East Coast today; I got to telecommute! - this is fun:

Then there's this charming, hilarious, irreverent, and totally apropos quote from Plumcake at the big girl blog:
Breasts are like children. You can grow them yourself or buy a cuter pair in Costa Rica, but either way, they really do need healthy boundaries.
And then there's this line from evening prayer:

"Look at me, answer me, Lord my God!" (Psalm 13:3.)

Or he will die, the psalmist says. Something about this is right, palpably so; familiar, and demanding, and expressing a plainness of feeling with which I can sympathize - although I can't pretend right now to David's soul-baring trust that his desperate prayer will be answered.

*I can handle putting this information on the internet only with the disclaimer that I am the Last Person in the World who would ever do yoga. I'm not saying that it's morally wrong, but if you make yourself a list of every quality you associate with yoga-doing people, I am the opposite of all of those things. I almost can't handle that I'm doing the yoga, but my healthy diet and exercise plan has stagnated, and there is beautiful lovely snow (REAL snow!) outside in which I am unlikely to go jogging, and I have yoga videos I inherited from a friend, and, so, well, that's how it has to be. But just so you know. Not a yoga person.


  1. Hey, yoga is also for non-yoga-people. :)

    I think we should start a Future Crazy Cat Ladies of America online chapter--I'll definitely be one, too. Love them kitties.

  2. First I want to say that I love your random thoughts in this post!

    I've always wanted to try yoga, but as for myself - I'm not much of an animal person, I just think they are cute from a distance.

    Telecummute! I am so jealous, that would never happen down south where I live - it's been in the 70's all week long.

  3. Thank you for sharing some things you love. They made me smile- I love lolcats. my SIL is always sharing things from that site- she and I are both cat people which DH just doesn't understand!