Monday, March 23, 2009

funny thing

Today I had to use the rest of my AmEx rewards points (I switched my blue card to cash from rewards after I heard how the program works. It sounds like a much more rewarding reward). But the points expire tomorrow. First I bought a digital camera, whose shiny spiffiness I have already raved about (it's the proud author of the inane pictures with which I have recently been annoying the broad internets).

Today I was going to transfer the rest to a Delta frequent flyer miles account (although I only ever fly discount airlines, so I'm not sure why I wanted to do this), when the card company told me I couldn't. I feel certain they're wrong, but I had little time to research. So I bought Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which, believe it or not, is available at, and which a fellow infertile had kindly recommended in response to one of my earlier rants. Me and my incompetent reproductive organs are going to get us edumacated.

I was able to blow through most of the points that remained on a Home Depot gift card. Yeah, there was Brooks Brothers (love their dress shirts), Cole Haan (teh shooz!), Bloomingdale's, Banana Republic...but those would languish in my handbag. The Home Depot card will be spent (on strawberries! Ha-HA!), and cherished.

And tonight for my chores, I started the spring cleaning - we pitched out three boxes of stuff we have taken, still packed, on three moves, that we didn't need, and I moved some things to the shed. For my aunt's visit Thursday and the dinner party this weekend, there will be a semblance of cleanliness and order.

And one bit of paper I found as I was going through boxes was a novena to Ss. Anne and Joachim. I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the novena I'd prayed for a child, around Christmas the second year I was married, when my husband refused to pray a St. Jude novena with me. I don't remember whether I posted about that before. It broke my heart. It was sort of eerie, in an odd way, to look at the web printout and see 12/16/06, just what I knew it would say. I threw it away; I think the DH burned it in the fire with some of his things. I don't know how I feel about that. Sad. Despondent. Resigned. Maybe nothing at all.


  1. Do you chart? Use Creighton? What are you doing for your IF? I don't remember reading and I am too lazy to hunt! Don't hate me! ;)

    I wish I could send you some squash! I have 6 plants I started from seeds! OH MY GOSH, I can't believe they aren't dead yet!!!! My mother told me to only plant one!!!!

  2. Now there's making use of extra points!

    I love spring cleaning but you never know when you're going to stumble across a memory or two. Your post ended with a punch I found familiar...thinking of you.

  3. That's actually a good book. It's because of that book that I can tell almost down to the minute when I ovulate, without even using an OPK.

  4. I have that book and I found it to be very insightful, even though I haven't gotten pregnant yet - I think it's a good tool in helping a person get "edumacated" about their reproductive cycle.