Friday, March 27, 2009

better than charting - graphing!

Since I had had a rough day, I decided to stay in tonight, and not deal with too much more emotional stress. Sometimes it's good to be home alone, quiet, and calm. I figured I'd get a few things done. So far I've just caught up on blogs, which is always good. I am planning to do some catchup sweeping, and start the seeds for the peppers, before bed. I've thawed some stuff for the dinner party tomorrow. Light duty.

But I've also made a significant achievement. I decided I could not show up to my RE consult until I converted my scribbled calendar of temperatures and cervical mucous signs into a graphic representation in technicolor (what can you really get out of the temperatures without a line graph?). I wanted the mucous signs on the same graph, and I wanted the data points for days on which I woke up late (one takes one's temperature upon waking, and one's temperature rises as the day grows later) in a contrasting color, since I was meticulous about noting the time if it was after, say, 9AM. Now, this took at least as long as it looks.

And I know, nobody wants to see my CM info, but whatever, this is the IFosphere, nobody is squeamish, and it's not like you have to peer closely at the details.* I suppose if y'all were fertile NFPers, I might hide in shame the brown spotting and the short fertile phases and the weirdly uncorrelated temperature, all that my mad Word skilz have now made so clear, even to me. (When will that book arrive in the mail already!) But, hello, barren. Anyway, I will share the how-to on this if anyone has my level of total inane OCD and wants one of her very own.

Call it infertility as art. Well, bad art, because when I translate from .doc over to .jpg, the text gets all grainy and the degree symbol changes to a question mark (???). I swear it's pristine in the original. Anyway. Behold:

*"i" designations totally omitted - I didn't think it contributed to the visualization of my cycle, but I would spare people, anyway.

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  1. Just some thoughts about the, you had a 24 day cycle with only one day of bright red bledding and at least 4 days of brown spotting after? That night indicate low progesterone from the previous cycle. Also, it seems to me that you had about 3 days of fertile mucus at the beginning of your cycle. Usually we see that in women approching premenopause. I do see a thermal shift, which means that you do have a rise in progesterone, good! Maybe with some clomid/letrozole and prgesterone you can increase your fertile time and eliminate the brown spotting. Just a thought!