Sunday, March 8, 2009

another glorious day

On my subject of sources of joy...

We now have a third color of crocus (it bloomed yesterday), royal purple.

The eggplant came off the bottom of the oven effortlessly (and I've already got about 60% of my chores done - just need to wash the floors and the counters now). Almost a clean house!

It's warm and lovely again today, and the DH and I are going to drive into the city and walk around the monuments. And it was all his idea. Isn't he a dear? We keep talking (well, he always brings it up) about how we need to make a list of things we want to do in the area. There are so many lovely places to spend time - the monuments, the basilica, the Shenandoah Valley, Emmitsburg, maybe Annapolis, all sorts of wonderful destinations. I haven't actually been good and sat down with paper and pen to help in the making of the list, but I think it's a delightful idea, and I will do it soon - really.

It also puts me in mind of a conversation the DH and I have now and again - about whether we have as much in common as we assume. He and I generally want to talk about different things, and we rarely want to see the same movies. We work at different jobs and we have different, well, favorites maybe, among our friends. We do have things we like to do together - we've been watching all the episodes of Frasier from beginning to end - but we often find ourselves on different computers on the internet for an entire evening, evening after evening.

But there are actually things in which we're both interested - they're just things we often fail to summon up the energy to get out and do. We both are interested in volunteering in a soup kitchen, getting more involved in some activities in our church, spending time outside when it's lovely, taking in the special things in DC, going hiking. We would "have" more in common if we got out and did the things we want to do! And we wouldn't just be united by sitting in a quiet house, with our separate pursuits, not having children. (Heaven knows children would give us some interests in common, but they're not essential for that.)

So anyway, to anyone who is experiencing lovely weather today, and doesn't have to work, and has been feeling just a bit down, go pack a picnic lunch and head outside with your husband!

And, shinejil, I think you win with the crocuses (croci???) - you clearly have more. But it's nice, in any case, to see spring coming!


  1. I often feel the same way. We spend evening after evening on our computers when there are things we enjoy doing together, we just fail to get the ambition to go do them.

  2. Are you a cat person by chance? I always thought I'd be the crazy cat lady at the end of the street one day. Then I met my husband. Now I'm a crazy cat lady wanna-be. We have one crazy cat, so I suppose that's a start.

    Enjoy the first signs a Spring. I'm always amazed when crocuses bloom in some of the worst weather (although this weekend was lovely). They're a wonderful reminder of what's on the way.

  3. I'm all for buying one of those gazeteers for your state, and then going on spontaneous, poorly planned road trips to various spots. We've driven miles just to see a little town with a funny name (some favorites: Snax and Beehunter). We often see some unexpected sights along the way.

    Hooray for purple crocicusses!

  4. Your flower is beautiful! I'm still working on my green thumb :) I agree with you totally, it's absolutely necessary to do things together as a couple and make an effort. Otherwise, we risk growing apart.

    My DH and I have "Date Night" about once or twice a month. It's really fun and we look forward to it.

  5. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog. I live in Silver Spring, so we must not be too far apart! Just wanted to say hello...