Thursday, February 12, 2009

Slow the train down

I procrastinated. You've never done that, right? I know.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I made my appointment for an annual exam with this fertility clinic in my area that apparently offers treatments done the Catholic way, if you will, and it's just an annual exam, but it was my incremental first baby tiny tiptoe-step toward being back In Treatment. But, before you can actually be a fertility patient, they require you to take a class on monitoring your fertility. I did that before I got married, though. So I was going to start keeping a chart again when I got my period again a few weeks ago, and then talk to the doc at my exam and work from there. OK.

Then I heard from a friend that super-special charting classes may be required, so I didn't start charting. I realized I would need to call the clinic and figure out what classes in the area comply with their requirements.

Actually - this is fun - I spent some time with another friend I haven't gotten to see in a while. She's a little swamped, being as she has two under two. I didn't know that they were both surprises (well, I knew the first one was) until I talked to her the other day. She's a nurse, so she didn't take the natural family planning (NFP) class before she got married, because she had already had classes on the theory for nursing. But it turned out she didn't know how to keep a chart in practice. So she and I agreed that we would take the class together (forget the husbands, they're not helpful with the charting anyway), and explain to anyone who asked that although everyone else in the class is engaged couples, we're there because neither of us has ever had a planned pregnancy, so we need the instruction.

Then I called the clinic and started the phone tag. Only a crazy person would know the clinic had called back...and not check her messages. For ten days. So I didn't do that, obviously. I did, however, finally call back today, only to find that they don't require a special class, all I have to do is add my temperature to what I already know how to do. So I need to start keeping my chart when I get my next period.

And then she made me a consultation appointment with the specialist for the beginning of April, like that was a totally normal thing to do.

Um, April is this year. I've never had a diagnosis; they don't know why I'm infertile. Nobody has tested DH's sperm. I did have high FSH levels (but I never pursued that testing any further). I could have POF now. The endo could have taken over everything and my abdominal cavity could be a total loss. I could have uterine cancer.

Or I might get pregnant. And it could all happen in just a few months. What on earth?

P.S. The second girls' night is tomorrow night - round two of heading off The Question approaches. I will happily entertain suggestions. (I've never tried, "Wouldn't you feel terrible if you found out I were infertile?" I might tuck that one in the back pocket.)


  1. Speaking from experience, I would get DH's little swimmers tested as soon as possible. It could save money and grief in the long run.

  2. Our clinic had us come in after I had an HSG and had been on Clomid for a few months. It really depends on the place, but I think they like to get you in and talk about options in person. Lots of people's infertility is unexplained, so many clinics don't wait for a solid "diagnosis" before getting things underway. Good luck with the visit!
    As for deflecting the question, my favorite responses are "You're having enough for the both of us" and "Joke's on you, I'm barren!" (said with a smile, of course).