Friday, February 13, 2009

I bought me a thermometer

today. It apparently can take the temperature of bathwater or a human (orally or rectally!) in just 20 seconds. And since this is NoVA, it only cost me $5.49 (on sale!), probably three times its fair market value. I think my period is due back very soon, so I am going to get myself in the habit of taking the temperature every morning starting tomorrow. Exciting, what?

Just thought you'd like to know.

P.S. In response to the comments - I love "Joke's on you, I'm barren" - I'm going to use that. You may be pleased to know that the subject did not come up tonight either (maybe they are waiting till they've met me three times). The only near miss I saw was a side conversation I had with one gal - she asked when DH and I got married, so she can do the math - that's going on four years. She didn't ask any follow-up questions, though. She's expecting for the third time and her second was a miscarriage, which obviously affected her deeply, so maybe she's bringing more wisdom to the subject than average.

And, as far as testing - well, I haven't even had an HSG, and with the endo, I know they're going to want to do one (one of my ovaries is scarred nearly into oblivion, which I know from the lap, so since before I was married the question has been whether the other tube is open). So that will be ahead of me, and, I hope, fairly intensive testing of hormone levels so they can figure out what is actually wrong. And I've been preparing DH for the idea of the SA - he's being quiet sporting. He was actually disappointed that the appointment was so far away! He's really amazing. I'm so lucky.

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