Saturday, February 14, 2009

Charting a new course!

The Chart

For reasons best known to itself, my calendar (a Microsoft Word table) decided to shed several of its column and row divider lines when I transferred it to JPEG so I could post it here. For anyone familiar with NFP, you'll note that I've handily divided the space into a smaller field (top) for writing down temperature and a larger one for other notes - mucous sign, "i" where applicable, and anything else - like whether I'm sick, maybe. We'll see how diligent I am.

I designed it all by myself since I didn't like the calendar templates in Word (where is Microsoft Works when you need it? I never thought such a day would come) and I will happily share it with anyone else who has use for such a thing. It's nifty, eh?

Also, my temperature today is, supposedly, 97.3F. And I'm on CD25 or 27 or something. What's wrong with my body? Other than, well, you know...

The Day's Adventures

Also today, I dealt with the Department of Motor Vehicles. I waited until my out-of-state tags were going to expire so I could get my money's worth out of them. I feared this might backfire and land me with several tickets if at the end I didn't buckle down and take care of it (I procrastinate exceptionally), but instead I was good - a week ago I got my emissions test done, and then today I got myself to the DMV with a great stack of paperwork (I literally brought my birth certificate - and they actually asked for it! I'm a native-born citizen, BTW) and got out of there with a shiny new driver's license, a new vehicle title, a new registration, and two new license plates, in just over an hour.

THEN - and this is just too fantastic for words - I got to go to visit my houses. I shop for houses to the degree of a sort of exuberant obsession - it makes me happy - and I had been growing increasingly sad because in the entire metropolitan area I had found not one example of the item in which I specialize: that which, unloved by others, could be nurtured into realizing its full potential only by me. There are some disastrous fixer-uppers, all right, but they are either (a) in the ghetto, (b) priced at $800,000+, or (c) both. But Monday or Tuesday this past week I found TWO treasures. Abandoned, neglected, unmaintained, magnificent Victorian antiques, priced too high but on the market for well over a YEAR apiece without a discount so perhaps negotiable. Great location. Great street. Great.

I promised myself as a special treat I could go to see them Saturday - the first day I would have free time during daylight. I usually cheat, when I have a treat for myself planned - I usually take it earlier than I'm supposed to and screw up my schedule and that takes a lot of the enjoyment away. But I waited patiently all week AND I waited till after I was done with the DMV. And then when I had been SO good and stood in line and everything, I walked out to my car, keys in hand, a lightness in my step, knowing it was time for my reward. And was it ever a treat. I even found a neighbor to interrogate briefly. And saw everything possible that could have improved the idea in my eyes.

It occurs to me that I may, when I wasn't looking, have learned to do things with discipline that I am not inclined to do in any such fashion. Isn't it nice to find you're growing up?

Anyway, the bottom line is, I want my house. I'm not sure that's realistic just now. But I still want it. What do I do to get myself a house?


  1. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement on my blog. I so appreciate it! I hope you can get one of those houses for a great price! That would be a good project to distract you fduring IF treatments! Good luck!

  2. Ah, I LOVE househunting. It has saved my ass lately from insanity. So tell me more! I want to hear more about these neglected beauties!

  3. Ooooh! You have to let me househunt vicariously! I want to hear all about these old gems in the rough!

    I, too, comfort myself by checking out real estate. It's what got me through my last 2ww.