Sunday, January 18, 2009

Show and Tell: O Christmas Tree

It's show and tell time! This is my Christmas tree.

You might think that I am showing and/or telling something not current, but you'd be mistaken. (Admittedly, the picture was taken nearer Christmas. I have no idea who those people are, but it's my tree.)

You see, my tree is still up. It looks substantially the same. It's been up for a whole month, and given that it's a store-bought tree, I am amazed at its longevity. Of course, I got it a nice stand. I water it. When it first got settled in, I gave it sugar. I decorated it lovingly with lights and glass ornaments and an angel (that's an awesome angel, no?). And every year - when we remember - my husband and I give each other an ornament for the tree. This year, I got him a set of antique silver blown-glass balls (they're probably colored with mercury, actually*), and he forgot. I think one is visible in the picture. Last year, I forgot, but he got me a beautiful folk art glass ornament handpainted with the Madonna and child.

There's just one problem. I love my tree so. It's my first real tree (I've had an itty-bitty tabletop-sized one before, but that wasn't really big enough to decorate. And by real, I don't mean I had fake ones; I just can't love them, so I've done without in years I couldn't get a live one). And I don't want to let it go. It hasn't shedded much yet (and it's on a hardwood floor, so it's easy to sweep). I know I have to put it on the curb, but I can't bear to.

How do I say goodbye to my tree that I love?

*I don't go in for the "aren't we lucky we can do x we don't have kids" logic with any sincerity pretty much ever, but I admit to one exception: if I had small children, I couldn't have glass ornaments, and certainly not mercury glass. And I really like them.


  1. Wow. My husband is too anal. He would never let me leave a tree up that long. Enjoy it!!!

  2. Your tree and angle are beautiful. Mine was dead LONG before we tossed it out. Which is sad because it was such a beautiful tree. Maybe I'll try sugar next year! Thank you for sharing.
    Enjoy your day,

  3. The tree may end up making the decision to say goodbye for you... soon it will lose its needles and turn brown.

    Hope you enjoy next year's tree even more!

  4. Its so hard to get rid of a tree you love. I usually have the husband do it while I'm out. Thanks for sharing

  5. Well, I really have zilch idea about what to do with the tree. The angel does look awesome though!

  6. Oh I love a real tree! I wouldn't want to take mine down either.

  7. Your tree is beautiful! Enjoy it as long as you can. I miss the smell of my tree!

  8. Aww, This year we didn't put up a tree. It was pretty sad barren Christmas. My husband determined to brighten my barren Christmas brought home a large table top tree. It is still alive. I give it a bottle of mineral water every other week. So I guess you could say I too love my Christmas tree.
    p.s. growing up my mom always had a Christmas tree with glass ornaments. We learned to just not shake the tree. Jon and Kate with their 8 also have a tree up every year (according to their show).

  9. An update for anyone who's worrying about my tree, suffering through increasing old age still in its stand: my husband, having mercy on my weakness, took most of the ornaments off today while I was out. It's not brown yet but the needles are very brittle. He's going to get rid of it while I'm at work so I won't cry.