Sunday, January 11, 2009

Show and Tell: The Facts of Life

This is my first time participating in Show and Tell, so I'm probably going to screw up the linking and gadgetry badly. But I think this is highly entertaining, period, so it's still worthwhile.

I think that one of the things that characterizes IF is a wee bit of confusion about the facts of life - both being confronted with other people who don't understand some fairly basic science (how many people have I told that having sex is not necessarily all it takes to get pregnant? Here's me, not pregnant. I know whereof I speak), and with our bodies, which apparently need to take 9th grade health again from scratch.

So here's the introductory lesson - not a picture from my life, maybe, but something I watch over and over again, because I enjoy it so. (Not obscene, and no strong language.)


  1. Loved the video!

    I recognized the guy behind the desk as one of the actors in V for Vendetta too, so that was interesting.

  2. That video is great! After a difficult week on the front lines of IF, that made me laugh. Thanks!