Tuesday, January 27, 2009

O Magical Day!

So today is not a show and tell day but I am showing, also telling, anyway. So there.

This is what my house looked like this morning as I headed to work.

I had to turn around and get a picture of it (with my camera phone - and not half bad for that) because I was so excited. It had snowed, and it had stuck, and it was snowing, and it is still snowing at 1:24PM as I write this. This is therefore the first real snowfall of the year here in my transplant home south of the Mason-Dixon line, because each previous so-called snowfall lasted no more than ten minutes and left not a single flake on the ground. Whereas this is pure magic. Not deep snow but, as you see, white. My husband is taking a walk with me tonight whether he wants to or not.

Though this may sound counter-intuitive, increasing my enjoyment of the (legitimately) wintry weather is the fact that I have a head cold. Not bad, just enough to make me slightly stuffy, slightly foggy, and perpetually warm and faintly feverish. This is perfect for enjoying the joys of snuggling under blankets and for paying attention to the beautiful snow and little else. Also, last night, I dragged myself off the warm spot on the couch, though I thought I had not the energy to stand, and dragged myself into the kitchen. When I got there, I discovered that I did, in fact, have some energy, enough to strain a great pot of homemade chicken broth, freeze a decent quantity, and cut up the remaining chicken and package it separately so that in my refrigerator I have the easy first steps to a delicious large batch of creamy chicken and wild rice soup, which I will make in a few days. Then I discovered the FURTHER energy to make beef lentil soup from scratch (yes, you read that correctly. I finished just before ten. Thank you, thank you). It was a first try, so my ingredients need a few slight tweaks (more raw garlic; cracked pepper instead of ground; some fresh ginger; no celery seed; more beef, more bacon, no sausage; spinach instead of broccoli). And then, as a reward for my bravery, I made myself a mug of hot cocoa, also from scratch, on the stovetop. I cannot say how much better it tastes if you make it from milk, cocoa, sugar, and real vanilla,* and it makes the whole kitchen smell just delicious. I need to buy one of those whipped-topping-in-a-can-but-made-from-real-cream things and keep it on hand at all times. There could be emergencies.

Unfortunately, after all this exhasting labor, I fell asleep on the couch at about 10:30. I only shaved one comment off my backlog (though I just finished everything for today!), so the deficit now stands at 16. But I am going to clear the whole thing by tomorrow, maybe even make EXTRA comments. You watch me.

Oh yes, and next I am making roast. With asparagus, and acorn squash and cheddar casserole. And apple pie. (That's all tomorrow, don't worry. Tonight is the grocery shopping, the walk, and the comments.)

In case it isn't entirely obvious, I am explaining all this in such excruciating detail because the enormous coziness of my real-winter activities needs to be shared with the world. What could improve upon such pursuits? Actually, apple cider might improve them slightly. I'll look for some of that too. Oh, and, if my near-terminal coziness holds any fascination for others, I will share recipes. But I am not going to bore the (tiny segment of the) world (that reads these remarks) with them without at least some provocation.

*For the hardened of temperament, kahlua, creme de menthe, or orange liqueur are also sound cocoa-fortification options.


  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for your comment. The first one in particular helped, as did the suggestion about boxes. I am organising my family to help us move. I loved the others too, but I live in Australia, so not really able to be used ;) but thankyou, anyway.

    It is just really scary knowing you have a few fur babies (well a dog,cat, bird) and that you have no idea as to where you are going.

    Hmmm...but your house looks gorgeous!

  2. Hi,

    Well it's mostly because we were given only 1 and half weeks warning that our lease would not be renewed...

    ;) therefore we don't know where we are going!

  3. Please pack up a serving of the asparagus and the cheese thingy and send it my way!

    Your house is totally charming. I'm inviting myself over (virtually at least).

    Get better soon!

  4. Hi thank you for your hopeful comment. I often need reminding to live in the NOW and not put my life on hold b/c we are waiting to see if we will have a child. I am impressed by your cooking endeavors. All I can say is WOW!