Saturday, January 3, 2009

Is There Life Out There

Well, apparently, there is. Since I'm now all special and blogging, I thought it would behoove me to familiarize myself a little more with what other infertility blogs exist out there. My google search led me right to a treasure: a Best of the Best list of 2008 infertility blog posts. The compiler chose one post from every infertility blog that self-nominated (at least, that's what I'm getting out of the rules explanation), and there are almost 200 - and growing! I'm definitely going to keep coming back to this as a source of good reading.

Last night, scrolling through the list, I clicked on a couple of the "winning" posts. I found my way to the Dear Gherkin blog, and the hilarious post about her post-ovulation drama. And then I read all the posts through the present (spoiler: she gets pregnant on that round of ovulation, and the rest is the hilarious and touching tale of her adventures in pregnancy after miscarriages). Anyway, it's a great blog.

My tentative conclusion, at any rate, is that though all of the blogs are rather personal in their outlook and MANY turn from infertility blogs to baby blogs (that's good, right?), with that sheer volume and variety there is probably something else out there addressing basically the subject I've got here. I'm going to keep reading over the next few weeks and find out. But maybe they don't do it in exactly the same way. So I'm going to keep at my little project. Just thought you'd like to know.

UPDATE: It was late last night when I was doing all my very important blog reading, so I temporarily forgot. There ARE some things I've already stumbled on that attack the same sort of idea (about infertility and identity as opposed to infertility and treatment). This post is about how infertility affects how you approach life even after you have kids. This one is about how infertility does and doesn't affect your identity. Here's one about taking a break from treatment and just "being infertile" for a while. Another about how infertility can take you over and remake the rest of your world. I'm sure I'll find more, maybe I'll add them. But I shall forge on, at least for now.

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